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Recently, the Hyperlocal Delivery Model is trending in the eCommerce industry and the main features of on-demand hyperlocal delivery are efficiency and features. Along with a website, the demand for an application like a hyperlocal marketplace mobile app is empowering the home delivery model.

People pay extra for doorstep delivery and they do it willingly. They are already paying extra for food delivery services offered by Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Providing delivery services on the e-store can be the best service company for both seasoned and inexperienced entrepreneurs. Since 2014, digital ordering and delivery have risen 300% faster than dine-in traffic.  The concept is appealing because it does not entail significant investments and maintains a sufficiently high profit at the same time.

You can start with minimal resources and grow your company gradually. In addition, delivery services are more important than ever with the rise of e-commerce. That’s why it’s an excellent solution for an entrepreneur to start a courier service.
Knowband offers a Hyperlocal Delivery Package solution to start a delivery business with ease.

Do you know how Hyperlocal Delivery Model Works?


The hyperlocal delivery model is an ideal example of the fusion of age-old shopping methods and technical advancement. The hyperlocal on-demand delivery services work in a limited region and deliver products in the given time.

A hyperlocal company’s service scope could drop anywhere from a few meters to a few kilometers from the company’s location.

Think not only of FMCG, but also of house maintenance, grooming, and other customer-worthy services. So a hyperlocal company can step in and do the job if there is a restaurant nearby that does not provide home delivery for food.
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Hyperlocal Mobile App for On-demand Delivery Business

Hyperlocal MARKETPLACE Mobile App

Create your delivery application following the hyperlocal delivery model. Build various applications for different characters for this scenario, such as drivers, shippers, and customers.

Knowband’s hyperlocal delivery app is a robust solution for creating a delivery app for local home delivery services.

What is the ‘Hyperlocal Mobile Delivery Complete Package’?

The complete solution for Hyperlocal Marketplace is a combination of the Hyperlocal Marketplace Module and the Mobile Application. It has all the marketplace features for the website and gives you the mobile app advantages that are the major highlights of this article.

For PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module, you can refer to our previous article:

Features of Hyperlocal Marketplace Application (Complete Package)

The Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App developed for the PrestaShop platform converts a hyperlocal online marketplace into a mobile app for native Android & iOS e-stores.

The Hyperlocal Mobile App allows users to select a specific location and shop for items in a specific region. By only selling goods from nearby vendors, the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Smartphone App makes deliveries quicker. It is ideal for services like online food delivery, grocery delivery, and medication.

1. Integrated with Google Map

In the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace module admin panel, the store admin can add a Google API key and retrieve worldwide locations. Also listed is the step-by-step guide for creating an API key.

It enables the store owner to pick locations for both its goods and sellers.

2. How sellers can register on Hyperlocal Marketplace?

The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace has an easy seller registration feature. Admin will approve your request and you are ready to sell.

3. Admin and seller can define shipping area and location

The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App helps the owner and other registered sellers to offer their services. It offers various functionalities to admin and seller for setting up the price rules for different locations. The region in which they are going to deliver their products can be defined.

4. The UI of Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App

The user interface has various functionalities that provide a better customer experience and engagement in the marketplace. Customers can input their location by themselves or they can allow the app to auto-detect by providing GPS access.

Once it has been set, they will see products available in their location but it allows them to explore more products available in the store.

5. Customize your Hyperlocal Mobile App and give it a dynamic appearance

There is some very prominent functionality the app offers that enhances the UX in your store. A personalized app can be created as per your requirements. You can make some custom changes and update its look and feel accordingly.
The PrestaShop Hyperlocal App Builder module provides the store owners with a very powerful backend that allows them to edit & manage their applications effectively.

Home-page is the most important element of the app that abstractly represents everything about the app. It has a DIY drag and drops option for layout changes and various other features for banner, product display pattern, countdown timer, etc.

It is possible to set the App name, logo design, splash screen, theme, colors, font styles & much more as desired. The final applications on the website will have their unique brand identity. You can customize anything from color options to tab bar elements like home, category, cart, scan, etc.

6. Social proof helps in decision making

Reviews from customers play a huge role in improving reputation and boosting sales as well. The Mobile App Builder of the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace allows users of the app to post ratings & reviews of the products/services they buy. To improve cross-selling, the apps are made compatible with PrestaShop Related Products.

7. Deals and discounts are a game-changer

On the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App, users of the app get the advantages of using website coupons & vouchers. Discount coupons/vouchers excite online shopping consumers as they get some cash off on the items to be bought.

8. Give your customers a smooth purchase flow

The Mobile App PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace remains in full sync with the inventory of the website like categories, products, data, etc. As the inventory updates and adjustments will be automatically updated on the app simultaneously, you can sit back and relax.

9. Marketing is easy with Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App

Push notifications are the mechanism for getting users of the app back to the app by attracting ongoing deals& offers. The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App does the same and enables store managers to configure and deliver to app users an infinite number of personalized templates push notifications.

App users have the option to share any product’s connection to any of their favorite platforms on social media. Social networking networks can add more new customers to the Mobile App Industry & sales can be boosted.

10. Automated order tracking notification system

What most app users don’t like is being confused about when the order is going to be shipped. Thus the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App enables push alerts for order status updates to ensure accountability of order deliveries. It is possible to highlight new promotional deals along with these.

The complete Hyperlocal package benefits

  • The PrestaShop complete hyperlocal marketplace package has several benefits for the owner, seller, and customers.
  • The app is GDPR compatible and supports multiple languages that allow you to sell globally.
  • It has social login functionality that increases the number of registrations
  • In case of slow or no internet connectivity, the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App offers offline browsing for app users.
  • Chat Support is the ideal medium for customers to communicate with the store manager via WhatsApp chat or Zopim chat support.
  • It supports all the shipping and payment gateways which are necessary for customer conversion.

Additional benefits with the Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App package:

Incorporated with one-page checkout

A single-page checkout screen provides the Hyperlocal Marketplace Smartphone App for PrestaShop. This makes it hassle-free for the purchasing process & keeps the user experience at par. Only the requisite inputs are taken from the app users during the one-page checkout.

Spin Win Email Subscription functionality

Compatible with the PrestaShop Spin Win extension is the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App. If the store administrator uses both in the store, the pop-up gamified spin wheel can be seen only by opening the app with useful discounts. With email subscriptions, re-marketing can be aimed at consumers.

Conclusion: We believe this is the right time to invest in a hyperlocal business as individuals become more and more open to the idea of online delivery. The idea behind these is very simple and without huge amounts of capital, it can be implemented. Once the simple items are sorted, the only thing you need is to keep on top of your customer service game.

Refer to the information guide of PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Mobile App for complete module understanding.

All in all, the hyperlocal industry has given all stakeholders a great push and made them play their best game to represent consumers in the best possible way.

You can reach out to us at for any eCommerce support.

The marketplace modules are available for Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop platform and the Hyperlocal Marketplace module is available for PrestaShop platform.

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