How to get PayPal Client Id and Secret Key?

In order to integrate Express Checkout with the REST API, a client ID that authenticates a merchant’s account with PayPal is necessary. A client ID can only be created by the account holder.

Ask the merchant to share their client ID with you if you’re a developer integrating Express Checkout on the client’s behalf. If the merchant hasn’t already done so, they must create a client ID.

Steps to find the PayPal Id and Secret Key:

steps by steps to get paypal client id and secret id

1. Go to PayPal Developers Website home page.


2. Then Login to the dashboard.


You can log in with your mobile number using OTP and set up your profile by adding basic details.


3. Go to “[Your Name]“, then go to “Dashboard” in the top right corner. You will get an option to “Create App“. Create your new app.


4. Fill in the details for the new app and create a new app. A new screen will open.

Enter-app-name-PayPal client id
5. On the next page, you will be able to see your PayPal Client Id and secret.

Note: You will find Sandbox App settings and credentials on the same page.

6. You have got the PayPal Client Id and secret.

You need a developer, personal, or business account to access the Developer Dashboard, get credentials, and create sandbox accounts. Different levels of access to PayPal functionality are available with each account. On the My Account page in the Developer Dashboard, you can upgrade your account if you need access to a feature you don’t currently have.

Capabilities Developer Account Personal Account Business Account
Access sandbox x x x
Send and receive money x x
Go live x

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