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PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Module for Higher Conversion on your PrestaShop Store

Making required product sales and conversions on your eCommerce store is not a child’s play anymore due to rising competition and consumer expectations. The biggest contributor in the loss of sales have been found to be those shopping cart abandonments that not only affect your brand reputation but also the trust of your loyal customers. You can’t guess which element on your eCommerce store might work against you and can turn away your potential customers from your site.

Remember, shopping cart abandonments can let your eCommerce business down that can drastically affect your sales among your rivals. Although, you will surely employ various techniques and approaches to deal with shopping cart abandonments but there is one PrestaShop module that has brought a considerable change in the whole scenario. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module is a remarkable work from the Knowband team that has consistently delivered outstanding modules for eCommerce stores. Let us explore more about this amazing module by taking a quick look at the various features and functionalities that are explained below:

1. Provides facility to capture the shopping carts of guest and logged- in customers- With the help of this PrestaShop module, you can keep a track of the guest and logged- in shopping carts that have been left abandoned. With its detailed analytics report, it is now much easier to target your abandoned customers in order to boost your sales and conversions. Try out this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module that can simplify the task of customer retargeting and conversion rate optimization.

2. Offer reminder emails in multiple languages- If you want to grab higher conversions and sales for your eCommerce store, you need to provide preferential treatment to your targeted customers. Utilize the language translation feature of this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module that can help in sending personalized reminder emails to your abandoned customers for a swift cart recovery.

3. Inclusion of coupon codes and other appealing offers- There are times when your persuasive words in an email may not work for your eCommerce store and may be completely futile. In these circumstances, you need to try out the last resorted option in the form of coupon codes inclusion for making the desired conversion rates and cart recovery. It is one of the brilliant feature of this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module that can offer appealing coupon codes, discounts and other such offers for effective customer targeting and sales.

4. Detailed statistical report about abandoned carts- With this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module, store admin can get a detailed report about abandoned carts like number of abandoned carts, number of recovered carts, conversion rates achieved and other such crucial information. By having a bulk of this data, it will be much easier for your eCommerce store to achieve the desired conversions and sales.

It is time to keep your abandoned carts under check and think about ways to control and get them converted back again in a seamless manner. For providing an expert assistance in this critical task, you need to install this feature loaded PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module from Knowband store for a drastic makeover. It will surely make your online store as the most preferred destination for making a quick product purchase and to improve your business gains.

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