Prestashop Previous Next Buttons Addon by Knowband – User Manual

Introduction of Prestashop Previous Next Buttons Addon:

Make an easier navigation for your customers with the help of the Prestashop Previous Next button addon by Knowband. The Prestashop plugin allows the customer’s to view the previous or next products just by clicking on the respective buttons.

Steps For Installation of Prestashop Navigation Addon

To install this Prestashop Navigation addon, please follow the following steps:

1. Add addon folder under modules folder of your system.

2. After adding this addon folder, system will list the addon on module page under front office feature category as given below:

Prestashop Prev Next Product Button Installation

3. Click on install to install the Prestashop paginator plugin. After installing the Prestashop product scrolling addon, you’ll see the ‘configure’ option at the place of install. (See the image above)

Admin Interface of Prestashop Paginator Addon:

Following features will be provided to the admin interface of this Prestashop Previous Next addon:

1. General Settings

General Settings of Prestashop Navigation Addon:

After clicking on configure link of prev next product page module General settings tab will open.

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon by Knowband

Fields listed will be filled with some default values


  • Enable/Disable: Initially, this field of Prestashop navigation module will be OFF. User can enable/disable this Prestashop addon functionality by turning this ON/OFF.
  • Enable Arrow Keys: This button of the Prestashop product scrolling module lets the the admin to enable or disable the arrow keys navigating feature of the addon. Enabling this feature allows the customers to navigate the products using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Previous Next Button Icons: Here, the admin can select the button images that would be displayed in the front end as the Previous/Next product buttons.

Front End Module:

After enabling this Prestashop previous product plugin, the product page in the front of the shop will change a bit as the two buttons will be added in the side of the product.

The previous next button Prestashop module at the front-end appears as follows:

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon by Knowband - Front End Module

Watch the video tutorial here:

Are you looking to create simple previous/next button navigation on the product pages of your store? Use this customizable addon by Knowband to save the time of your customers and add more convenience to their shopping. Decide the look and feel of the button as per your choices to make it simple and attractive for the users. Buy this module from addon store and give an ultimate shopping experience to your customers.
Click here for Admin Demo and Front Demo as well.

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