5 Interesting mCommerce Consideration built to Optimize your Growth

5 Interesting mCommerce Consideration built to Optimize your Growth

In the technology-driven generation, the cell phones are considered as the only body organ that is detached from the human body. Hence, this indispensable aspect is one of the opportunities that every eCommerce business needs to tap. In our earlier blogs, we discussed the reasons why an eCommerce needs to have a mobile app. This write up brings up some of the interesting and unavoidable aspects of mobile applications. These considerations and analysis are essential to optimize the growth of your business. Check them out.

Consideration #1

google voice search on phone

While enforcing the purchasing intention in the visitors of the online store has always been an issue for the store owners, these figures are a ray of hope for them. As per Kissmetrics, 78% of mobile searches result in a purchase, especially in the case of local businesses.

The eye-popping statistics opens a lot of opportunity for the online business units. The figure makes it clear that the mobile users constitute a huge segment of prospective customers. Thus, having a mobile app for your store will surely optimize the local searches for your business. Regardless of the platform of your eCommerce store, there are plugins and addons can help you build your mobile application effortlessly. Prestashop Android Mobile App builder Addon is one such plugin specifically aimed at upgrading the Prestashop stores into a mobile eCommerce scenario. There are similar Magento extensions and OpenCart addons available for the respective stores.

Consideration #2

Discount Coupon

As per a Shopify report, the merchants with an active discount code are 8 times more likely to make a sale. Moreover, they experienced 17% conversions through discount codes on their eCommerce site. Taking these figures to the next level, according to Kissmetrics states, 75% of mobile shoppers have used a mobile coupon. Along with this, approximately 80% of the shoppers believes that their perception for the retailers would improve if they would offer mobile deals and coupons.

Statics never lie and from these figures, it can be assumed that coupons are a strategic way to lure the customers. Not just this, it can even strengthen the brand image of the mobile store. Just offering creative discounts is not enough, you need to target to the right segment and see if the offers are curbing interest or not.

Consideration #3

The complicated checkout procedures have been accused of crippling the conversion for eCommerce stores. Same goes true with the mobile applications. According to the result of a survey done by Baymard, 60% of the visitors consider the account selection step complicated during checkout.  The checkout option should be smooth for the visitors. The guest checkout option should be clearly visible as lack of the same is another inevitable reason for the abandoned cart. An ideal checkout page for the mobile eCommerce apps is shown in the image below.

mobile eCommerce apps

Other than this, the unclear field labels and text is another most important aspects of both mobile and desktop stores that need rectification.

Consideration #4

Apps on Mobile and tablet

One of the least considered aspect while developing a mobile app is the convenience of tapping on the touchscreen. While most companies prefer mobile responsive sites instead of going for mobile eCommerce stores, these statistical figures may force them to reconsider. As per a report of Baymard, 50% of the visitors have trouble tapping the intended element on the mobile sites.

Consideration #5

Uninstall facebook dialog box on phone

Along with some positive aspects, the mobile apps comes with greater risk of uninstalls. As per a study, 70% of app users will churn within 30 days of downloading your app. Even though the app engagement rate is higher, the user retention is a tricky affair in the mobile app. Keeping the users updated with the regular notifications and follow-ups as well as SMS is the best way to keep them engaged.

Having discussed some of the interesting statistics related to mobile application, it is now time to check out the implications of these considerations. Listed below are some of the features that can help you make use of the above mentioned figures.

Mobile first dashboard

Smooth onboarding

Giving a flawless and intuitive on-board experience is the biggest need of the hour. The entire process of user engagement starts from the moment when he installs the app and checks out as a customer. Thus, the design should be minimalistic, personalized and interactive. The design and unwanted elements should not put the users off. Not just the navigation and contents, even the payment procedure should be streamlined and extremely simple.  Uncluttered navigation As the statistical figures mentioned above states that the users of the mobile app have a higher intention of purchasing, hence, the entire process should be aimed at conversion. The cluttered navigation and complicated links may distract the users leading to an increased exit rates. The layout of the app should be responsive enough to automatically fit into the screen size of the user’s phone.

Seamless checkout

The Prestashop stores have benefited by providing the option of social login option to their customers. Even the mobile users would be intrigued to delve into your app if they get the option of easy login. Keep the checkout forms concise as shown in the image above. Provide the various trending payment options to the users and keep the users hooked up.

Push notification

Since the churning rate of the mobile app is higher, not sending the push notification to the new user can risk your retentions. It is said that the notifications should be sent to the users once in 90 days. Thus, incorporating Push Notification is essential to inspire immediate purchase action as well as in order to keep the customers engaged for a longer period.

Feedback mechanism

With the growing competition and risk of churning, building the trust factor is a must. One of the ways to keep the trust and user engagement is by inviting their feedbacks. Provide them the mechanism to ask their queries and report their complaints as well as reviews. The positive ratings will even optimize the position of the app on the app store and will help in retaining the existing customers.


The eCommerce mobile app development should be aimed at proving a smooth and seamless experience to the user. A mobile app is the biggest requirement of your eCommerce business in order to drive conversions and sales. So, upgrade your business structure with the above-mentioned considerations in mind and reap the desired result.

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