Plugins that can be a Good Combo Offer for One Page Checkout for OpenCart Stores

Plugins that can be a Good Combo Offer for One Page Checkout for OpenCart Stores

The interest of customers are changing rapidly due to the tough competitive business environment which is taking a toll on the conversions and sales of an eCommerce store. There are various modules available in the market that can help in reviving the sales for your online store without any glitch. It is often seen that the absence of a simplified checkout process can turn visitors away from an online store.

If you have been finding it difficult to grab sales for your online store, the availability of just  One Page Checkout for OpenCart may not fulfill the desired purpose. Here are the two amazing checkout extensions for OpenCart stores for making a strong business impact. Let us discuss the features of these Knowband extensions for grabbing the required conversions on an OpenCart store.

1. OpenCart PDF Invoice Plugin

n an eCommerce business environment, the invoice matters a lot for online shoppers as they provides critical information about the orders placed by customers. Now, with the help of this OpenCart plugin for invoice generation, you  can get invoice in PDF format through admin panel of your store. It will help you get clear insight about the purchases made by your targeted customers. Here are some of the features of this added extension to One Page Checkout for OpenCart stores for grabbing higher conversions.

  • – Can be easily installed and configured within few clicks.
  • – Comes with feature packed admin panel.
  • – Sends invoice to customers in PDF format along with confirmation mail.
  • – This feature packed OpenCart module works with numerous themes and stores.
  • – Site admin can also design and customize invoice according to their business preferences and requirements.
  • – Offers facility to display/hide store and order related details.

2. OpenCart Admin Order

It is really a difficult task to make changes in customer orders due to changing moods and patterns of customers. Earlier, only customers have the authority to make changes in their orders but now store admin can also edit orders placed by the customers in a coherent manner. Take a quick look on the various features of this OpenCart module for order processing as mentioned below:

  • Supports easy order editing through one page layout design.
  • Does not require technical support for installation and configuration.
  • Works uninterrupted with other modules, themes and stores.
  • Allow customization features through interactive back end admin panel.
  • Comes with email, export and print packaging slip facilities.
  • Offers free technical support and future plugin updates.

If you are not getting the desired business results with your One Page Checkout for OpenCart stores, it is time to add these Knowband extensions without any further discussion. These OpenCart plugins are a true complement for a complicated checkout process and can win maximum sales for your online store. Get these plugins now from our Knowband store for a promising business fortune.

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