6 OpenCart Extensions for Shipping and Delivery Purpose


If you are looking for shipping and delivery related extensions for your OpenCart based website, you have landed at the right place.

In this write-up, I have compiled a list of six OpenCart extensions that would not only add shipping and delivery related features on your website but also enhance the customer shopping journey at the same time.

Let’s take a look.

1. Product Availability Check by Zip Code

OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zip Code extension allows your customers to confirm the product availability before they head towards the checkout page.

The extension adds a “Check Availability” section on your product pages where shoppers can enter their area zip code and check if their desired product is available for delivery at their location or not.

If the business doesn’t deliver to that area, it displays that the product is not available at the specified zip code. If available, customers are displayed the estimated delivery date.

From the back-end, you can add multiple zones and map products accordingly, and adjust other settings.

2. Preferred Delivery Time

OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time extension allows your customers to pick up the desired date and time slot for their order.

On the checkout page (under delivery method), a new section is added named “Your Preferred Delivery Time” where customers can choose the desired date and time slot if they want to receive the order at a specific date and time.

From the back-end, you can specify the minimum delivery gap (in days) for preferred delivery. You can also adjust the time slots, set the delivery time, specify delivery days and also allow customers to update the delivery date and time even after placing the order.

3. Free Shipping Manager


OpenCart Free Shipping Manager lets you offer free shipping to customers only if they match the eligibility criteria set by you from the back-end.

This module is helpful since customers now look to get free shipping on their order. From the back-end configurations, you can specify the minimum amount for which a customer needs to shop if he or she wants to get free shipping on his/her order.

Similarly, you can specify the weight which must watch if the customer wants to enjoy the free shipping benefit.

The extension also lets you disable the free shipping facility for specific countries.

Free shipping increases the chances of conversion to a significant extent and also helps you increase your average order value.

4. Store Locator


OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup extension helps you register your local stores on the website so that customers can easily locate and navigate to those stores and examine the product physically.

At the same time, the extension also encourages the in-store pickup facility that allows customers to self-pickup their order at the desired date and time.

You can add multiple stores from the back-end with their complete information and also specify the days and timings on which the stores remain open.

When customers are on the checkout page, they can choose the pickup option and select the nearby store from where they can pick-up their item.

5. Shipping Timer


OpenCart Shipping Timer extension integrates a shipping timer on your product pages through which customers are displayed the time within which they need to shop if they want their product to get shipped on the same day.

You can set the timer validity for a single day or multiple days and also set the start and end time of the countdown timer.

Besides, you can specify the days on which the timer would be displayed to the users. You can also customize the shipping timer banner.

6. Cash on Delivery with Fee

OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fee extension allows merchants to charge an additional fee on cash on delivery option.

This is basically to encourage customers to make the online payment right at the checkout page instead of choosing to pay later at the time of delivery. But since many consumers hesitate to share their card details online, you can provide them with the Cash on Delivery (COD) option along with some additional charge.

You can set up different charges for the different order amount. There are many other customizations you can make from the back-end.

For any kind of assistance regarding the above-mentioned shipping and delivery related OpenCart extensions, kindly reach out to us at support@knowband.com

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