Essential Features In eCommerce Mobile Apps To Cover Up Loss Faced Amid Covid-19


E-Commerce businesses regularly face challenges to make the online shopping experience pleasant & personalized for the mobile audience. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping such business efficiently operational has been even more challenging for the store managers. The pandemic has been reformed online/mobile trading for both sellers and buyers. A thing of note is that online shopping has gained more momentum these days as shoppers have to maintain social distancing. Such unforeseen opportunities in these hard times can help in keeping your business running and stable with the eCommerce mobile app.

As I said, both online selling and purchasing norms are changed and we need to reform our standards as well. Launching an eCommerce mobile app is a sort of necessity than a luxury. Users around us are concerned for their safety and well beings. To achieve the same, one major step is to avoid visiting physical stores for any sort of online shopping. Be it grocery, apparel, electronics, food  & drinks, etc. all eCommerce merchants are somewhere struggling with fewer sales and revenue.


The situation demands more, so we provide more. We have narrowed down some essential features which can be helpful in providing value to users shopping through mobile. These tips will surely be a helping hand in keeping your business on foot and efficiently functioning amid COVID-19.

#1. Secure Online Payment:


To follow the social distancing guidelines, Cash-On-Delivery (or any sort of payment method that involves physical contact) is disabled for the safety of customers as well as delivery personals. Instead, store owners must have in-built secure payment options in their eCommerce Mobile App.

To win the trust of the audiences who don’t trust online payments, the mobile app must have secure payment gateways. Also, try to include multiple payment options like credit/ debit card, net banking, wire transfer, PayPal, & some of the popular e-wallets. This will allow the app users to make payments using the options that they prefer the most. For the good part, integrate the same payment methods on the app as of store in order to bring the online payment flexibility and ease.

FYI: KnowBand Mobile App supports all sorts of website payment options available on eCommerce store on PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento & WooCommerce platforms.

#2. Push Notifications:


Keep your app users well informed about your services being resumed in specific/all locations. Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic, stores may run out of stocks sometimes. In that case, it’s ideal to inform the same of the customers to maintain transparency. If the app users left some products in their cart/wish list, inform them about the deals on them and availability.

The push notifications are helpful in both informing users or promoting sales/deals. Offer additional discounts or cross-sale offers to boost sales and revenue through your eCommerce Mobile Application.

FYI: KnowBand Mobile App offers both automatic and custom notifications which store admin can configure from the admin panel of  Mobile App Maker on PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento & WooCommerce platforms.

#3. Reviews & Ratings:

Reviews have always been an easy means to win customer’s trust. When app users add a review and give start ratings on an eCommerce store or mobile application, not only it helps in getting honest feedback but also serves as a source of new leads. Genuine reviews always help in boosting sales if the products & services are good. This also encourages the sellers to keep their products & services at par to get good reviews.

Offering View Review & Write review functionality on the eCommerce Mobile App improves the brand credibility and allows indirect comparison of products before purchase. Star ratings implicate the worth of the product and helps customers in making their decisions.

FYI: KnowBand Mobile App for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento & WooCommerce platforms has inbuilt star rating and review feature. The users are allowed to both View and Write reviews from the application.

#4. Wishlist & Simplified Checkout:

Some app users may want to shortlist multiple products on an easily accessible page within the app. That’s when the wishlist comes into play. Wishlist allows online shoppers to finalize the buyable products later from the list of shortlisted products.

The checkout page of an eCommerce mobile app must not be time-consuming to fill. Enable name & address auto-fill options for nonfirst time shoppers on the store. Ask for only the necessary details on the checkout page. It is recommended to have a one-page checkout so that users won’t have to navigate to multiple pages while placing orders.

FYI: KnowBand Mobile App Builder comes with inbuilt wishlist and one-page checkout in both Android and iOS apps. 

#5. Easy Registration:

E-Mail login & signup options can get too hectic. Instead, use simpler options in your eCommerce Mobile App like Facebook & Google social media. Also, you can offer another log in options like OTP (one-time-password) & fingerprint authentication.

Simpler is the onboarding, more are the chances of a successful purchase. Offer more than one login option in the app and that too keep them one-tap or such that allow users to access apps in seconds. This will improve the usability and performance of the app.

FYI: KnowBand Mobile App offers four types of login options: Google, Facebook, Phone Number (OTP) and Fingerprint. 

How Can You Get Such an eCommerce Mobile App?

For eCommerce businesses that are willing to build & launch their Mobile Apps for Android &/or iOS devices, get your hands on the eCommerce Mobile App Builder extension. Such an extension builds customizable apps that are feature-rich on the backend as well as the user-end. If you have a multi-vendor marketplace website, then this extension is compatible with that also.

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We also offer Marketplace Mobile Apps ( Multivendor Marketplace + Mobile Apps) for the above-mentioned platforms. Check them out from below links:

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Keep your eCommerce businesses relevant & well-prepared to resolve the issues & uncertainties that you may encounter during this COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the essential features described above as it can help your eCommerce business in succeeding even during such difficult times.

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