5 Best Practices and Examples for WooCommerce Android App development

The differences between designing for desktop and mobile devices are as stark as chalk and cheese. While we use similar methods for both, they need a different approach from us. Particularly when it comes to native apps, which involve much better use of the device’s capabilities than responsive websites. When it comes to developing a mobile app, there are a few things to keep in mind, and here are some of my recommendations.

I have explained 5 of the most important practices and examples you need to follow when creating your WooCommerce Android App.

1.     Simple Navigation yet discoverable

The app must be packed with features that make shopping a breeze for everyone. Every phase of your WooCommerce Android app, from the landing page to the checkout page, is meticulously configured and checked by professional app developers. The products can be filtered by gender, size, price, color, and other factors, and they can be sorted by common, most important, lowest price first, and so on. Mobile Product page, shopping cart, search and every part of the app should have clear CTAs.

Shoppinger WooCommerce Android App


1.     Clutter-free Design

Get rid of the excess. Getting rid of something in a mobile design that isn’t completely required would increase comprehension. One primary action per screen is a good rule of thumb. Make the product page impressive but do not put extra. Login barriers can be avoided. Instead of forcing early registration, slowly collect data.

You can offer a Social Login option, quick signup with minimal details like email and contact number, Mobile login with OTP, or Fingerprint login option in your WooCommerce Android App.

Taj Class Cosmetics WooCommerce Mobile App


2.     Design it for voice search

On Google, voice search is already popular. Voice search, also known as voice-enabled search, is a method of searching that employs human speech as the most natural input channel. Through incorporating voice into existing websites and mobile apps, eCommerce businesses can tap into the growing voice market while maintaining complete control over their data and the customer experience.

The WooCommerce Android App builder can be customized for voice search.

Declutter Shop WooCommerce Android App


3.     Create a Content Map and a User Flow

Work on research and designs are inextricably linked. Developers, for example, can quickly sketch user flows based on their research and understanding. Note, starting with a prototype will help you better understand the user experience between content and action.

Clear call-to-action and structured navigation play a pivotal role in the app development process. Certain WooCoomerce mobile app builders provide you the freedom of customization.

NeWorld Anime WooCommerce Mobile Application


4.     Live chat provides a competitive advantage

Businesses are constantly looking for low-cost customer support options. One of them is undoubtedly live talk. Live chat tools are relatively inexpensive to set up, and they come with a slew of additional features that make them a superior communication medium.

Look at this App here developed on the WooCommerce Platform. They have implemented live WhatsApp chat support. Real-time customer support and the ability to respond to several requests at once save time, effort, and money.

Kevajo WooCommerce Mobile app (1k downloads on Playstore)

WooCommerce mobile app builder

We Provide Ongoing support

Know before you finalize your WooCommerce Mobile App Builder!

Few things you have to consider before buying a WooCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin and how KnowBand Mobile App Builder works for those

  1. What Android and iOS versions does this software support? Is the UI of the mobile app have backward compatibility?

The WooCommerce Android app builder by KnowBand is compatible with all Android versions, beginning with Android 4.2 (Jelly Beans) and ending with Android 8.0. (Oreo). The software creator is also iOS compliant, and it runs on iPhones 4 and up.

  1. What is the difficulty level of the app installation? The answer is just 3 simple steps:

There are only three basic steps in the Mobile App Builder module:

  1. Purchase and install our Paid version of the module on your website.
  2. Create a Pre-requisite form with all app-related details.
  3. Submit APK/IPA files for analysis and publication on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Have more queries?

You can contact our expert team for any kind of App development support or visit the FAQ section of the Mobile App for a better understanding.

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To see how it works for your store you can use the free demo available for the mobile Apps on the KnowBand store.

The Mobile app builder is available for WooCommerceMagento, Magento 2, Opencart, and PrestaShop platforms.

Read these WooCommerce Mobile App stories before you make any decision. We have created many successful mobile apps for various platforms and here is the portfolio.


As you might be aware, Knowband assists eCommerce businesses in the entire process of creating a website, modules, and apps. We not only advise all parties in the mobile app development process, but we also mediate between them and reduce the risks associated with mobile app development projects.

To get the assistance of our pro-active support team, drop your message at support@knowband.com, and will mentor you throughout.

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