Top Examples of Robust Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) developed by KnowBand


Are you looking for a Progressive Web Applications (PWA) solution for your eCommerce website? PWA app looks very similar to mobile applications but they are certainly different. In reality, they work on browsers and provide us with an app-like experience. You’ve most likely visited PWAs before without even realizing it.

Progressive web apps are all designed to work with any browser that sticks to the relevant web standards. The aim, as with other cross-platform solutions, is to make it easier for developers to create cross-platform apps than native apps.  Google Developers claims that!

This article is a compilation of some exclusive examples of Progressive Web App (PWA) developed by KnowBand. The PWA uses as little data as possible to provide a smooth and quick browsing experience.

1. We Are Whisky

The We Are Whisky website has an App-like interface. To the user, it feels like an app, with app-style interactions and navigation. PWA employs progressive improvement concepts that work with all users, regardless of browser preference.

The Progressive Web App developed using KnowBand Plugin is responsive! It works on every computer, including desktop, mobile, tablet, and future types.

The website URL has HTTPS which is used to avoid snooping and ensure that the content isn’t tampered with.


2. Betty fresh

For a PWA, after the initial loading is complete, the same content and page elements do not need to be re-downloaded each time. Web caching in browsers, on the other hand, will prevent redundant loading of static elements on standard HTML-based pages.


Admins can easily add desired graphics and redirects to their banners and sliders using the KnowBand Progressive Web App. By strategically highlighting certain items and banners, you can improve the user experience.

3. Wize kart

It provides home screen icons without requiring an App Store subscription.

Thanks to the upgrade process, the app be always up to date.  The ability to use push alerts to keep users engaged.

And when there is no or slow internet connection, the PWA apps function flawlessly. The app is available to app users even while they are offline due to cached data and previously loaded pages. Push notifications, for example, are useful tools for re-engaging app users.


4. Fryzjer

Users of the KnowBand PWA App will log in easily using their Google or Facebook accounts. Such one-tap onboarding options save time and effort while improving the user experience. The most basic form, namely registration/login via email, is also included.



Run several sales and discounts focused on current events, holidays, and so on. On the home screen, use intuitive campaign graphics to enable users to make more purchases. The administrator may also use a countdown banner to run timer-based sales and generate a sense of urgency for the sale.

5. Bony Licores

The Progressive Web App developed for Bony Licores allows app users to share their favourite items with their friends and family. Also, provide incentives when sharing on various social media platforms.

Offer a more refined product search and category views with in-built sorting and filtering options to meet the needs of each Progressive Web App user. The user-friendly navigation bar is also well-organized to make surfing easier.


The PWA App users can keep track of previous app orders with real-time order status updates. The order status is automatically synced with the store and modified as required.

The PWA developed by licores bony is multi-store compatible!

6. Kashmir anywhere

The App Shell Model is an architectural approach used by some radical web applications. In this model, PWA saves the sensitive web design web application’s Basic User Interface, or “shell,” in the browser’s offline cache.

All Payment Options Are Accepted: All of your website’s payment options will work with KnowBand Progressive Web App as well. All PWA app transactions are synced with the order section of your website.


The PrestaShop Progressive web application includes a built-in single-screen checkout page that only asks for the information that is needful.

Do you have more queries regarding PWA App?

The Progressive Web App automatically syncs the entire inventory/catalogue of the website. Moreover, there is no need for manual application maintenance. All inventory adjustments are in real-time synchronization. Some of the best features of the PWA app are as follows:

  • No secret fees or subscriptions | One-time payment Validity for a Lifetime
  • It is to be noted that it can be shared easily via a URL and does not require a complicated setup.
  • You can showcase similar goods to increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Showcase product reviews to help mobile shoppers make better purchasing decisions.
  • Zendesk and WhatsApp chat is built-in, allowing users to communicate directly with the admin.
  • There is no reliance on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Start shopping after a quick PWA installation with just one tap.
  • KnowBand PWA is compatible with KnowBand’s Multi-vendor Marketplace addon.


Convert your eCommerce website into a PrestaShop PWA Mobile App and enable your mobile visitors to shop with ease. Fully customizable DIY editor to adjust the look and feel of the live home screen!

If you were looking forward to a PWA that can be reliable, responsive, and robust, we are ready to help! Contact our expert team at and discuss your requirements.

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