The “Mobile App Effect” In eCommerce Industry during Holiday Season


Hey all eCommerce store owners, the holiday season is about to begin and what are your plans? This is the time for more conversions & sale opportunities for your business”. Right? According to the previous reports, last year in US holiday season sale surpasses 1 trillion mark for the very first time. This wasn’t just from the online store, but mobile apps were also the leading pillar behind this growth.

So, what’s your game plan for this holiday season sale? Make sure tapping into mobile space is in the list. Why? Let’s find out in detail.

Effects of Holiday Season

According to studies, the number of users visited by mobile device is 51% where desktops users were only 40% worldwide. Smartphones handled half of the traffic during holiday season. As mobile website represented 51% of internet traffic where desktops generate 40% of internet traffic and tablets represent only 8.3 %.


Well, if you look into the usage of mobile apps versus website, mobile apps are always one step ahead of websites. Online shoppers prefer mobile apps rather than websites.
As you can see mobile app completely dominated the market and this is the main reason behind mobile app started take over on desktops and tablets.

Mobile Impact on Holiday Season

Black Friday:

The sales on Black Friday jumped 23.6%, where more than $2 billion of the revenue came from smartphones in U.S.. The mobile device showed the increment of 8.5%.

Cyber Monday:

Cyber Monday was the most awaited and biggest sales day of the year with revenue of $7.9 billion in U.S., an increment of 19.3 %. Almost half of visit came from mobile devices during holiday season sales and this number is persistently growing year-by-year.

These numbers clearly indicate the impact of mobile apps during holiday season. Smartphones becoming more popular and an important part of this holiday season. After seeing this impact many marketers predicted this would be the best year for online retailers.

1. Mobile Apps installation during Holiday Season

According to reports, In this holiday season the number of mobile app install increased as compared to an average day of any month. Because people looking forward to get their hands on year best offers & deal.

The reason behind this huge growth of app installation is offers and deals offered by eCommerce store provider. Also,

2. Traffic on Mobile App During Holiday Season

In 2017, 68% of traffic came from only mobile apps as compared to desktops worldwide. Mobile apps are the new channel which gives a boost to traffic on these days. The graph of time spent on mobile device is also going on upward direction.

new-5c-20visual_40744188-2According to business experts, On Christmas Eve the number of visits by mobile apps were nearly 72%. This was not just with Christmas but also Cyber Monday, On Thanksgiving day, mobile traffic increases 158 percent compared to a normal week. Many expert says that, In this holiday season mobile app going to dominate both traffic and conversions and set a new milestone.


According to source, in 2019 the number of users who use mobile payments to pay for the purchase in U.S. Stores will reach 150 million people. This is almost the country’s half population.

3. Transactions of Mobile During Holiday Season Sale

This growth is not just in mobile traffic area but also it changes the mobile transactions numbers. Almost 40% of eCommerce purchases during the 2018 holiday season were made by mobile devices. On Black Friday, there is a 300% increase in completed transaction says by a report. Nearly 40% of all purchases made by smartphones during 2018 holiday season sale.
Around 80% of Americans are online shoppers in which more than half of them have made their transaction via mobile devices.
A report says that the number of transactions were more during these days as compared to normal days.

Result : After going through all this research, we can definitely
say that Mobile apps are clear winner here. Final comparison between mobile app vs mobile websites:


Growth of your business during holiday season

You will see a huge growth in the holiday season in mobile app industry. From spending time on mobile apps to transaction, the numbers are increasing and its not slowing down. This is the most awaited time period in eCommerce industry for both users & merchants.

How can you make the most of it? Simple, go mobile! And it’s so easy beyond your imagination. You can get it done in just a few days without technical knowledge. Knowband offers a module to build mobile app for your eCommerce store in just a few clicks for the following platforms:

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder
OpenCart Mobile App Builder
Magento Mobile App Builder
Magento 2 Mobile App Builder
WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

Major benefits of eCommerce mobile app builder:

1. Boost Engagement

Most awaited season for online shoppers is holiday season. In this time, user engagement reach to its peak and this data is increasing year-over-year with very huge margin. Well if we are talking about user engagement, then its unfair to not mention the name of push notifications.

Turning point: Push notification is one of the best tool to boost your user engagement during holiday season sale. These push messages works like a source which bring more users to your store. Push notifications claims higher open-rate as compared to email. Knowband offers unlimited push notifications in their mobile app.
Also, by offering free shipping and flash sale you can create an urgency in your user’s mind and encourage them to shop instant from your store.

2. Increase Sale

From last few years, the number of sales of every store changing in this time period. No doubt mobile app has a big hand in this huge shift which continuously changing the number of sales. The more you spend in attaining user’s attention the more you will get benefit of it which result in increasing the sales number of your store.
During this environment a lot of transactions occurring. Adapting this new advancement in technology can gives you the opportunity to get a piece of this revenue.

But, the question arises how?

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Game Changer Move

Spin and win:


Well, don’t worry we got you this time. KnowBand provides you an opportunity to get a piece of this revenue in your bucket-list by offering Spin and Win module for this holiday season. You can display a Spin-wheel pop-up to your user’s in this holiday season. This module is specially designed for these kinds of occasions. So, whether it’s a Halloween or Christmas Eve you can present special themes for every occasion.

Spin and Win extension is available for following platforms:
PrestaShop Spin and Win extension
OpenCart Spin and Win extension
Magento Spin and Win extension
Magento 2 Spin and Win extension

Flash Sale:


Flash sale is also one of the essential ways to boost the sales during the holiday season because it creates an urgency in user’s mind to get their hands on the special offer. This urgency can make them to go for purchase. In short Flash sale can be a game-changer for your business in this holiday season.

All Types of Coupons & Vouchers Support:

Your store sales will automatically increase if they get multiple coupons & vouchers while shopping. So, this holiday season provides multiple coupons & vouchers to your user’s and get ready to witness the highest revenue of your store.


Retailers should now focus on mobile apps because they are constantly changing the numbers every year. Also, they have to be prepared for huge peaks during these holiday season. This is the high time to stand out your business different from crowds. So, are you ready for this Holiday Season?

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