Put an end to login related issues on your site with the help of this Magento Facebook Login Extension

Business organizations often need customer login on their site as to gather important customer details and to target them more effectively based on their email address and login details. However, this whole exercise can be a challenging task if your login process is very complicated and time consuming. This will not only prevent your business organization from acquiring important customer details but will also affect your conversion rates to a great extent. Although, there are various e- commerce Magento extension that can help you in this task but Magento Facebook Login is special among them due to its wonderful features. Let us take a look at the different functionalities that makes this module the smartest choice for numerous business organizations around the world.

Provides easy login facility with social media site like Facebook

Often, customers on an e- commerce site are asked for unnecessary details and encounter frequent redirects which makes it difficult for them to complete the entire login process. Due to this, customers leave these sites in the middle and do not show any active interest towards registration process. But, this whole situation has now changed with the quick and easy login facility through Facebook accounts. Customers don’t have to create any separate email account for the login process and can complete registration process through their existing Facebook accounts.

Now, customers don’t have to search for any updates and extension for their browser as this Magento module supports various popular browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and such others. Customers can easily use this module on any browser of their choice without taking any tension about its functionalities.

Has compatability with different versions of the Magento e- commerce platform

One of the fascinating feature that makes this extension the most valuable among various available Magento extension is its effective compatability with different versions of the Magento like 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9. So, it doesn’t matter on which Magento version your e- commerce site is developed, the module will provide same level of functionality and features to your e- commerce site customers.

Comes with additional backing of other important features

The module is designed in such a way that it doesn’t provide any hinderance in the functioning and working of any other existing module on your e- commerce store. There is no issue of any sort of conflict between the various extension installed on your site as this Magento module works independently from every other available module. Apart from this, buyers of this module are provided extra attention by providing effective free technical support assistance for any issues related to the functioning and installation of this Magento Facebook Login Extension. Customers can inform about their issues by opening this link and can create new ticket for their extension related issues. Our skilled technical team will actively support you with your problems and will provide you speedy resolutions. Customers can also check the status of their previously created ticket about their earlier issue so as to be familiar with the developments that have taken place in the whole scenario.

E- commerce organizations can take a huge sigh of relief as they don’t have to face any registration related issues on their e- commerce site again with the arrival of this Magento module. It is definitely a huge booster for registration process on your e- commerce site and can achieve active participation from your e- commerce customers.

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