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Facebook Post Feed is an addon which when enabled creates a button on every page of the shop which when clicked makes a Facebook page window slide in where the customer can see all the posts of the page which the admin has selected to show them. This helps the admin to advertise any page which he wants and get likes and comment of the customer.

Steps for Installation of Magento Facebook Posts Feed Extension

To install this addon, please follow the following steps:

1. Merge the addon code into the your shop folder structure.

2. After merging this addon folder, system will list the addon in system->vss extensions->facebookpostfeed

General Settings

After clicking on configure link of Facebook Post Feed module General settings tab will open.

General Settings of magnto facebook post feed | knowband

Fields listed will be filled with some default values

General Settings Tab Details:

1. Enable/Disable: Initially, this will be OFF. User can enable/disable addon functionality by turning this ON/OFF.

2. Show button on: This is a drop down box in which the admin can select that the page button which he has selected should appear in the left column or the right column of the shop.

3. Details on button: Here the admin can select that what details of the page should appear on the page when the page loads he can select his choices between number of likes, number of friend count and number of post

4. Background Color: This is a color picker in which the admin can decide what should be background color of the button appearing on the screen

5. Notification Background Color: This is also a color picker which enabled the admin to deicde the color of the notification box on the screen.

Window Settings

After clicking on the product settings tab the below screen appears.

Windows Settings of magnto facebook post feed | Knowband

Window Settings Tab Details:

1. Enter the page link: Here the admin has to enter the page link whose posts he wants to show on the screen by default its the Facebook page which is been shown.

2. Facebook window UI: Here the admin can decide what should be the UI of the window which is appearing on the screen. Such as the cover photo,showing friends faces,number of posts.

Front End Module

After enabling this plugin a button starts to appear on every page of the shop and the appearance of the button is according to the settings done in the back end of the module.

The module at the front-end appears as follows:

Front End Module of Magento Facebook Post Feed | Knowband

Front End Module of Magento Facebook Post Feed | Knowband

We hope that we have covered all the concerns regarding the installation and product guide of this Magento Social Extension. You should also check other Magento Extensions which will help you to improve your eCommerce store.

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