Make business strategies for your E- commerce organization with the help of this statistical information

For preparing business strategies and to take business decisions logically, you need to take the help of various statistical based information. This statistical information will help you understand what are the core areas of your business organization where you are lagging and which areas require your immediate attention. With the integration of the latest Google Analytic Enhanced E- commerce, this Magento extension has become more valuable for various business organizations of the world. Some of the features of this module that has increased its demand and has made it one of the top 5 Magento extensions are as follows:

Provides complete information about the orders made by customers

Now, store owners can easily track any order made by the customers by closely monitoring all order transactions made through their e- commerce store. Due to this information, it becomes easier for the business organizations to track and manage every other order which interns avoids situation like missing orders. Further, business organizations can easily track the order coupons so as to manage customer orders in an effective manner.

Helps in preparing effective business strategies for each product lists

Due to the availability of the statistical information about various product categories, business organizations can easily decide which product categories are getting special attention and maximum sales and which product categories are unable to make a significant push in their sales. With this information, it becomes much easier to prepare individual marketing strategies and promotional offers for each product category based on their product sales. Thus, with this extension, business organizations can easily take their lagging product categories to the top of their most popular product categories.

Facilitates easy checking of the analytical reports and properties associated with the Google Analytic account

Due to the effective integration of the latest Google Universal Analytic Enhanced E- commerce module, business organizations can easily check all their statistical reports and views through the admin console of this Magento extension. It has simplified the checking of the Google Analytic based reports and views much easier and this wonderful feature clearly explains why it has become one of the top 5 extension among the various e- commerce organizations. With the help of these detailed statistical reports, business organizations can frame their business and marketing strategies more effectively.

Helps in tracking the checkout behavior of site visitors

Business organizations can provide an effective shopping experience to its targeted customers by tracking the checkout behavior of its site visitors. By having a detailed information about the checkout behavior of your customers, you can easily decide what are the sore points in website payment process that is causing the customers to abandon their shopping carts. This Magento module provides crucial information like which customers are the frequent shopping cart abandoners, payment options that are most preferred by the customers, shipping delivery options that are most popular and other such data so as to improve the online shopping experience and to improve the future engagement of the site visitors on your e- commerce site.

These are some of the wonderful features that has made this module as one of the best extensions in the Magento development family. If you want more information about this module or any other e- commerce module, you can surf on our site So, add this extension to your site and see the tremendous improvement in your conversion rates and product sales.

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