OpenCart Sales Coupon Enhancer – User Manual

How to install OpenCart Sales Coupon Enhancer plugin on your server

Follow the following steps for installing Sales Coupon Enhancer Module:
1. Install VQmod (if not yet installed, visit

2. Unzip the archive and find Upload folder.

3. via FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here) upload to your main directory the files and folders in the Upload folder.

4. In Admin Panel go to Menu > Extensions > Modules > Sales Coupon Enhancer v0.1.


5.Install Sales Coupon Enhancer.


6.That is all – Your system is ready. Click on Edit and explore.

7.The Module is also accessible through the Velocity Plugins Menubar Option.


1. General Settings tab

The General Settings has overview stats of the coupons and switch to enable or disable the plugin on store front. If this plugin is enabled, the default coupon functionality will be disabled.

  • Coupons Generated: Shows the total number of coupons generated by the system.
  • Total Discount Given: The total discount given to the customers (in store currency format).
  • Coupons Active: Number of coupons Active according to date.
  • Coupons Expired: Number of coupons Expired according to date.
  • Enable/Disable: The ON/OFF switch will be used to switch between Default Coupon system and Sales Coupon Enhancer System.


2. Add Coupon tab

The Add Coupon Tab lets the Admin to add new coupon to the store.
This tab contains 4 sub tabs,
1. Information
2. Conditions
3. Cart Rules
4. Review


  • Name: Name of the coupon.
  • Description: Brief description of the coupon.
  • Code: Unique coupon code. You can either add a coupon code by yourself or let the system generate the coupon code by clicking Generate button.
  • Status: You can set the status of any coupon either enable or disable. Disabled coupons will not be applicable on store front.
  • Validity: The start and end date-time of the coupon.




  • Minimum Amount: Minimum amount on which the coupon is applicable.
  • Uses Per Coupon: Maximum number of times a coupon can be used on the store front..
  • Uses Per Customer: Maximum number of times a coupon can be used by a customer.
  • Discount Type: The type of the discount provided by that coupon either Fixed or Percentage.
  • Discount: Discount provided by the coupon.
  • Free Shipping: Whether coupon allows free shipping or not.



Cart Rules
Cart rules is/are the set of rule(s) which will be full filled by the cart while applying the coupon code. Each coupon has its own cart rules. Cart rules are not mandatory for each coupon.

The Review tab lets the admin review the cart coupon details before saving any coupon.


3. View Coupons tab

View Coupon shows all coupons generated by the system. The tabular view enlist all the coupon providing the functionality of view, edit and delete coupon.



View: Click on coupon code for its details and usage history.

Edit: For editing a coupon click on the edit button and update the coupon data.

Delete: For deleting any coupon click on the delete in every coupon row. Be careful while deleting a coupon, deleted coupons cannot be recovered.



4. Get Support tab

The Get Support helps admin in contacting Velocity Software Solutions Support Team. In case of any query, raise a ticket by clicking on Get Support tab.

Store Front

In Store front, the module comes in action when a coupon is applied. The default coupon validation and applying process is changed with this enhanced coupon system and more precise error messages will be appeared when a coupon is not applicable.
Example of error messages:
1.If invalid coupon code.

2.If coupon is not applicable on selected shipping method.

3.If coupon has been expired.

All the error messages will be shown as per the theme of the store front.

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