Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce for Magento

Using this extension, site owners can boost the conversions by tracking the number of visitors as well as their behavior on your site.

Advantages of Enhanced eCommerce Extension

  • Better Retargeting
  • Improvise marketing effectiveness
  • Understanding exactly where customers are leaving you
  • Access to visitor’s browsing behavior
  • Find out how many new and return visitors your site is getting
  • Where visitors are coming from
  • How long people stay on your site
  • Tracks users by location, browser, device and operating system

Features of Magento Google Analytic Enhanced Ecommerce Extension

  1. Implements latest Google Universal Analytic Enhanced Ecommerce
  2. Tracks user behavior flow
  3. Tracks user by location, browser, device and OS
  4. Track Order Coupon
  5. Track Order Transactions
  6. Supports five new reports in Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Supports Ecommerce Shopping behavior
  • Supports Ecommerce Checkout behavior
  • Supports Ecommerce Product Performance
  • Supports Ecommerce Sales Performance
  • Supports Ecommerce Product List Performance

7. Free Support

8. View reports for all properties and view associated with your Google Analytic Account in Magento Admin Console.

How to add Google Analytics to your Magento Store?

  1. Log on to ( for creating an account.
  2. After submitting the required information, you will be allotted with Google Analytics account number. This number will be further used to integrate the service with your Magento store.
  3. To set up Google Analytics in Magento, go to System>Configuration and then find the sales tab. From there, click on Google API. Here you will be able to view a section named Google Analytics.
  4. Now choose “Yes” to enable Google Analytics and type in your Google Analytics account number in the box. Once done with this, press “˜Safe Config’ and you will have added Google Analytics to your Magento website.

As long as you keep on following the steps outlined above, your Magento website will be optimized for full tracking and analysis.

So, if you have a Magento store, it’s time to integrate it with Google analytics by installing this extension. Monitoring your website by installing this plugin will give you in depth knowledge about your visitors and their interests. It comes out to be extremely useful, when testing new features and will give you an idea of what you can do to improve conversions on your site.

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