3 Essential features your Ecommerce Store needs for sure

Depending upon the different requirements of individual stores, there are some basic functionalities that every Ecommerce store should have in order to succeed in the online retail market.

Listed below are some most important plugins you must have for your website. Let’s take a deep look into it-

Newsletters (For acquiring customer database)

Similar to social media, Newsletters too open a communicating channel between you and your customers. They serve as a valuable marketing tool to expose your brand in front of targeted audiences and provide a better opportunity to maximize your visibility. With the help of newsletters, businesses are able to showcase their brand, products and services to their customers. This in turn increases conversion and user engagement rate.

There are various plugins available at Knowband that allows you to create and send emails to customers by an automating email marketing campaign. These modules are important for increasing the value of your existing customer base and acquire new customers.

Shopping Cart (For Managing orders)

Shopping cart acts as the mirror of your eCommerce website. Think how a customer can make the purchase without the functioning of a shopping cart. We all have been to websites where the shopping cart is finicky or perhaps off-putting because every time you add a new item, the page gets refreshed and you lose your place in the search results index. Isn’t that annoying? What do you do then, you just move on to some other website.

Don’t let this happen with your store. Invest in a good shopping cart, such as OpenCart Ajax Cart + by Knowband that allows you manage order processing easily and effectively. Every single detail related to the cart page appears in the form of pop up, whenever a customer adds any product to the shopping cart.

Social Media (For encouraging faster sign ups on your site)

With social media dominating almost every aspect of consumer’s life, it is estimated that 75% of eCommerce sales is generated using social networking platforms. Social traffic leads to increased conversions and better user engagement on your site. In addition, it provides higher click through rates with increased brand awareness, therefore it becomes necessary to integrate social login features on your eCommerce store.

At Knowband, we have designed the best social media extensions that integrate with your eCommerce store to enable a personalized user experience to visitors all across the globe.

Magento Social Login and Magento Facebook Login are our top selling plugins that allows users to sign up using their own social profiles like Facebook and Google+.


If you want to give your online store the edge over competitors, then you need to integrate these 3 functionalities for increasing conversions, sales and revenue on your eCommerce store.

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