Enhance the customer interaction on your E- commerce store with the assistance of Magento Module

It is important to provide your site visitors something extra so as to grab their attention towards your e- commerce store. Initiating communication in this direction can make your customers hooked onto your e- commerce store for a long time and can contribute significantly in improving your conversion rates to a great extent. To accomplish this task, creation of an interactive blogging environment can help a lot in fostering the stronger customer- company relationship. With the help of this extension, you can easily publish, view, create and edit blogs on your Magento online store so as to encourage your site visitors to share their views on your e- commerce site. Here are the few wonderful features of this Magento e- commerce module that has made it most popular among various e- commerce organizations of the world.

Easy installation and configuration of the module

One of the prominent reason for this ever increasing popularity of this extension is that it can be easily installed and configured by any individual with minimum technical knowledge. You don’t need to be proficient in any of the programming language for the effective installation of this extension as it only requires a minimum understanding and operating of the computer system.

Consists of responsive front end for adapating to various computing devices

This Magento extension is built on the responsive web design so as to be adapative to numerous computing devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets. It can be easily accessed and used by the user on any device without any performance related issues. It provides the same level of functionality, options and user experience on any of the computing devices used by the customers.

The interface has blog widgets that helps in searching blog posts, recent posts and parent categories

This e- commerce Magento based extension comes in the form of blog widgets that helps in the effective searching of the blog posts, recent posts and parent categories. Site visitors can easily navigate between various blogs through its interactive user interface and there is enhanced seamless search facility for quick viewing of any posted blogs on the site.

Helps in mediating the approval or disapproval of the commenting system

With the help of this module, store owners have now extended freedom to decide the posting of the comments on their blogging system. They can now easily approve or disapprove the comments made by the user so as to ensure that only relevant comments are posted on the site and the commenting facility is not misused by anyone.

So, it is really a brilliant move to establish an effective communication between your e- commerce organization and your targeted customers. Also, you don’t have to pay any price for this extension as it is available free of cost. Make haste now and don’t get laid back so as to improve your customer interaction for increasing your product sales and conversion rates. Just surf our e- commerce site, www.knowband.com and add this extension to your e- commerce store as early as possible.

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