What Are the Best Methods for Making an eCommerce Website Profitable?

What Are the Best Methods for Making an eCommerce Website Profitable?

For having a profitable business, it is very important to have a good online presence. Customers want websites to be easily navigable and intuitive. It is important to provide customers with a seamless browsing experience, and apart from these various benefits and offers, others should also be present.

With so much competition in the eCommerce market, it is very hard to establish your ground. To have a good and established website, it is very important to have some points implemented in the website that are essential for a successful website.

Boost Customer Engagement


It is very important to increase the engagement of the customers on the website. If customers spend more time on the website, there is a greater chance that they will purchase if they browse for an extended period. An exit pop-up module is there, which can increase customer engagement on the website. As soon as the customer tries to exit the browser, an exit popup appears with offers for the user. The users will be happy to use the discounts and will continue to shop from the website. This will increase their engagement and increase their customer base. With this exit intent pop-up, the users spend more time and end up making a purchase, which thereby results in profit for the eCommerce website.

Checkout Page

Checkout is a very important part of the eCommerce website, as, without it, the purchase is not complete. A good checkout integration is necessary for any online store to function properly. It is not pleasing for the customers to use the long drawn-out checkout process. Users should have an easy time completing the checkout procedure and feel at ease doing so. Online shoppers can complete their purchases quickly and easily with the help of our single-step checkout plugin. With the one page checkout plugin, it is simple for the users to checkout as all the information is present on one page.

customer feedback of Knowband's One page Checkout

The default checkout process requires you to browse through several pages, which is annoying. Due to customers’ dislike of lengthy, drawn-out checkouts, cart abandonment occurs. The single-page checkout has been effective in preventing such problems, which is evident from the customer reviews.

Email Follow-Up Addon

For resolving the issue of cart abandonment by users, the email follow-up plugin is useful. The abandoned cart module is activated when users add an item to their shopping carts and then remove it for any reason. One of the biggest problems e-commerce companies are dealing with is cart abandonment. This plugin assists in increasing cart conversion and decreasing cart abandonment, hence recovering lost sales. Using the abandoned cart module, we can send clients several follow-up emails if they leave items in their shopping carts. There are two variations of these follow-up emails: those with discounts and those without discounts. Customers will be persuaded to finish their purchases with this alluring offer. We send reminders to them when they forget to finish the purchase so that they will remember to complete the purchase.

Gamified Subscription Pop-Up

Gamified Subscription Pop-Up

The email subscription popup helps boost both sales and website subscriber numbers. Customers are persuaded to subscribe to the email list with this “spin and win” plugin that offers them gifts or discount codes. As they will be receiving rewards for spinning the wheel, users are eager to spin it in hopes of receiving the free rewards. When employing this gamified plugin to subscribe to the website, users subscribe without hesitation as they are receiving gifts. Unlike other subscription pop-ups that annoy customers, the Spin and Win modules don’t do so, as they are not like the other subscription pop-ups. Additionally, customers are encouraged to sign up for the online store.

Free Shipping

The conversion rate greatly impacts the total cost of the cart. Free shipping is offered to clients for their orders when the free shipping manager plugin is enabled. When customers realize that by purchasing additional items, they can reduce the cost of shipping, they are more likely to add more items to their shopping cart. The conditions for providing customers with free shipping are configurable in the free shipping module. When an eCommerce website offers free delivery, people are happy to make a purchase and are more likely to return to make additional purchases.

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we have been discussing the various implementations we can perform to improve the website. In case you have any concerns or issues related to our module, you can connect with us at support@knowband.com. We also assist with custom developments as per your requirements. Also, we can add a feature to the module or modify the module depending on your business requirements. Kindly let us know so that we can assist you with your requirements.

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