New Online Grocery Stores must have These Website Features


Do you want a grocery website or application like BigBasket and Grofers? Do you need a platform or an app focused where clients can place orders online? You have come to the right page.

An online grocery store should be like a departmental store. The way they arrange the products based on the requirements like butter and jam are generally kept along with the Bread. Because a person who buys bread will always buy butter with it.

The same strategy should be followed by online grocery stores. The website should display relevant products that can be bought together. I am going to discuss some top-notch features that every new online grocery store should take seriously.

1. Navigate the user to the right place

With easy navigation, keep the interface simple to help your clients place orders easily without knowing about the app or website. Design the process of exploring/searching different products; add to cart buttons, display categories, call-to-action, and lastly checkout should be completed in just a few taps, with minimal screen sliding. This keeps customers engaged and does not allow their attention to be lost due to the disruptions caused by switching from one screen to another.

2. Subtle website design


Design the new online grocery store’s UI and UX in such a way that each feature remains simple and responds in real-time.  It is good to provide fast search/filter solutions and checkouts to encourage customers to spend their time buying more, not finding what they need. We can connect wallets and different types of online payments on request along with cases on a delivery payment system.

3. Business Model for new Online Grocery Store

Many of the on-demand applications charge for membership and provide different advantages, such as free delivery, membership offers, and so on. As they know they are having a good price, this will draw consumers to your new online grocery store. Both you and the client will benefit from annual membership fees. You can even go for a commission model for the registered sellers on your grocery marketplace.

4. Shopping Cart

Shopping carts bridge the gap between shopping and purchasing, so it’s incredibly important to have the best apps for shopping carts on your website. A shopping cart stores product data and it is a portal to order, catalog, and customer management. It displays product information, categories, and site information. A shopping cart facilitates the purchase of the product on an online grocery store therefore it is a must-have feature.

5. Search tab which delivers relevant results

While developing a grocery mobile app or a grocery website, concentrate on providing a fast browsing experience so that even in the slower data links, users can access the app. You can also have offline functionality so that users without internet access can search on the app. Keep things one or two taps away so that users don’t have to get confused about where they started from.

6. Product Page

Grocery stores have a wide variety of items and the new stores can make the products readily available in order to give consumers ease of shopping. Write a product description that is easy to read and understand. Do not add false images of the products because it won’t give you a long time business. The product page must have high-resolution images with the complete product description.

Start your grocery store today:

7. Show relevant products in your online grocery store

Maybe on many of the shopping sites you’ve seen this feature. Here, the suggested product list is shown at the bottom, based on the user’s previous search preferences. If the creation of your new grocery app contains this functionality, it will keep users interested as they get exactly what they need according to their interests. It is a must-have feature for a new online grocery store.

8. Include multiple Payment Methods

Card payment, cash on delivery, or portable wallet will be included in the secure multiple payment options. This will make it easier for them to buy according to their convenience. To encourage people to make purchases as they wish, ask your food delivery app development company to incorporate multiple payment gateways into your grocery app.

9. Provide Shipping Services

This enables users to prepare their delivery in advance according to their convenience. During the checkout process, consumers will pick a delivery date for their order. The creation of the grocery mobile app includes the approximate delivery period to alert the customers.

10. Order Tracking

When a customer places an order, they want to know the order status of the product delivery process. To provide such information, you require proficient order tracking software. Many eCommerce service providers have created such modules and I would suggest you see the demo of KnowBand’s Delivery Boy App which is fully featured and easy to handle.

Now decide for yourself!

What do we offer?

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