How Gamification Increases Customer Engagement on Your eCommerce Store

How to Use Gamification on Your eCommerce Store

Gamification is a term that has gain popularity recently. It is a common marketing strategy to promote interaction and to get people excited about otherwise boring tasks. Ok, and guess what? You can add gamification to an eCommerce website with ready-made plugins, thanks to the amazing modules.

For all its quality, modern marketing has a few shortcomings. In modern form, product advertisements can come across as trying too hard to persuade. And this is a costly and time-consuming mistake. An innovative way to get your users more engaged in your site and potentially keep them coming back well into the future is by using the concepts of gamification on an eCommerce website.

This article will revolve around Gamification and how it can help you improve sales with customer engagement. Then we’ll see how the gamification module can be used on various occasions and events. Let’s jump inside!

What is Gamification?

Since consumers have more locations and ways to shop than ever before, retailers must find ways to make online shopping fun and enjoyable to be successful. By integrating game elements into their business processes, they have started to boost the online consumer experience, making online shopping not only appealing to innovative goods and low prices but also enjoyable. This term in a business known as gamification, a trending subject, and is generally characterized as the use of game thinking and elements in non-game contexts.

How Gamification helps your business?

Link your games and your rewards to business goals. It’s fun to play games and compete with friends, but you don’t want to distract yourself from the reason you’re at work: to make money. Remember these points before implementing the Gamification tactics on your eCommerce store.

  • Put in place the right technologies
  • To improve competitiveness, leverage a leaderboard
  • Provide useful benefits that are worth fighting for
  • Using it as an opportunity to boost the integrity of sales data

Key Benefits of Gamification on eCommerce


Customer Engagement

Gamification Improves customer engagement by keeping your customers invested in the fun element and the acquisitiveness of winning a reward adds more to it.

More email subscribers

The gamification modules increase engagement and the rewards or the coupons won by the customer goes to their Inbox. Hence, to claim the reward, they have to put their email address.

Better Customer Experience

The gamification added to the website improves the overall layout and UX of the store. Various Gamified modules add a fun element on the home page itself. It increases the customer experience of every type of eCommerce customer coming to the store.

Customer Loyalty

To take customer loyalty to the next level and improve interaction, it is possible and even recommended to add game elements to your website. Reward points and loyalty programs increase customer retention rates.

With improved customer engagement and customer experience, you can see higher growth in the conversion rate. It also adds more subscribers to your email integration software that you can use email marketing.

How to add Gamification to eCommerce Website?

Add interactive modules to your web-store


You may want to start by experimenting with smaller ‘gamified’ elements that do not affect your entire site if you are new to gamification. There are, luckily, several such modules that you can easily add.

You can build them manually (if you know how to code) if you want to add interactive modules to your website. Alternatively, a dedicated module may be used.

You can add a Spin-to-Win module, puzzles, sliders, quizzes, or run contests and giveaways on your store. The Spin and Win module by KnowBand is highly recommended as it has several themes for every occasion, from Valentine’s to Halloween.

Establish a system of points and give incentives


Do you know that you can convert your complete website into a Game? By designing an overall rewards system, you can turn your entire site into a game. This generally means, in practical terms, rewarding users with ‘points’ for completing different tasks and interactions.

You can incentivize users for dropping a product review, blogging, reading posts, participating in one-time activities, or offer loyalty points on every purchase they make. They will be given fixed incentives or be able to spend them on the benefits of their own choice as users gain more points. The sky is also the limit here.

Scratch Coupons as Exit Pop-up


Digital scratch-off coupons are perfect for increasing consumer engagement and improving the number of transactions. Scratch-offs have become increasingly common to win coupons and or prizes.
Everyone loves anything to win.

Mobile scratch-off coupons allow companies on their websites to generate excitement among the visitors. You can add scratch coupons developed by KnowBand to your eCommerce store. The Scratch-off Coupon module is available for PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart store.

Wrapping Up: Gamification is an exciting approach to improve the interest and involvement of customers and visitors on your website. If you are searching for a way to turn passive viewers and readers into active users, the response might be to add game-like elements to your site. You can make visiting and using your website a lot more enjoyable with a little experimentation.

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