How Gamification Increases Customer Engagement on Your eCommerce Store

How to Use Gamification on Your eCommerce Store

Gamification is a term that has gain popularity recently. It is a common marketing strategy to promote interaction and to get people excited about otherwise boring tasks. Ok, and guess what? You can add gamification to an eCommerce website with ready-made plugins, thanks to the amazing modules. For all its quality, modern marketing has a few shortcomings. […]

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Acquire New Customers with Referral and Affiliate Marketing Tool for PrestaShop Store

Affiliate and Referral Marketing Tool for PrestaShop Store to Grow Brand Awareness and Acquire New Customers

Big brands like Amazon offers an affiliate marketing program and people are earning thousands of dollars with referral and affiliate marketing. It is proven to be a good source of passive income these days. You might have heard terms like ‘refer and earn’ and came across the links on YouTube videos or blogs dominating a specific […]

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How Affiliate and Referral program helps online businesses during Holiday Season?

Affiliate and referral program

Did you know 81% of the marketers and 84% of the publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing? (Source: Web Market Support) Also, according to Business Insider, 15% of the total digital media advertising revenue is attributed to Affiliate Marketing. Consumers trust referrals from people they know 92% of the time. Consumers who have been suggested by a […]

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