Acquire New Customers with Referral and Affiliate Marketing Tool for PrestaShop Store

Affiliate and Referral Marketing Tool for PrestaShop Store to Grow Brand Awareness and Acquire New Customers

Big brands like Amazon offers an affiliate marketing program and people are earning thousands of dollars with referral and affiliate marketing. It is proven to be a good source of passive income these days.

You might have heard terms like ‘refer and earn’ and came across the links on YouTube videos or blogs dominating a specific category promoting a product. People are making money by influencing others through good content and captivating tactics.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to make passive income. It can work well and do magic if you know how exactly it works. Affiliate marketing is a type of revenue sharing technique. There are many tools available for affiliate marketing. One of the affiliate marketing tools is the ‘Affiliate and Referral Program‘ for your PrestaShop Store.

A person registers himself with an existing product selling website and gets a link for promoting the product. If that link works well and the product gets sold with that particular link, the person who promoted it will get a cookie. Yes, he will get some amount of money on behalf of that purchase. Yay! This is how it works.


Knowband developed a perfect solution for PrestaShop eCommerce store owners, an affiliate marketing tool named PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program. What is PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program? How you can grow brand awareness and acquire new customers with this affiliate marketing tool? What are the main features of the PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program?

We’ll answer all those questions in this blog. If you are interested in affiliate marketing for your store then you must know what ‘Affiliate and Referral Program’ is offering.

Features of ‘Affiliate and Referral Program’- an affiliate marketing tool


1.     Several types of referral

The affiliate marketing tool ‘Affiliate and Referral Program’ module allows the affiliate partners to invite new users through various means into your store. The affiliate partners can bring in new customers by sharing a referral code or a referral link with them.

Affiliate marketing and referral programs also allow the affiliate to generate voucher code. Besides that, affiliate partners can share the reference link on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, right from their affiliate account.

2.     Defined referral rate for the affiliates

a global referral rate can be set by PrestaShop store admin for the affiliate partners for the user registration and the order placement.

3.     Custom commission for each affiliate

Although the Affiliate marketing tool for PrestaShop the ‘Affiliate and Referral Program’ allows the store administrator to set a fixed global reference rate for the affiliate partners, they can customize this for every different affiliate.

4.     A voucher for affiliates on registration

PrestaShop Affiliate Marketing Module allows traders to assign a coupon on the successful user registration of the affiliates. The store administrator can set the value of the voucher and offer it in the form of a fixed discount or a percentage basis. There’s also the option to define the total quantity of vouchers and the limit of vouchers per user.

5.     Set validity for your referral program

The Affiliate marketing and Referral Marketing addon provide the option to run the specific referral program for a given time interval. If you define a time period, after the specified period, the reference code will get expire.

6.     Keep an eye on registered affiliates

With the Affiliate and Referral Marketing module, you can insight into registered affiliates and look into the details under the ‘Affiliate Customer’ section.

7. Obtain details of the clients referred

“Referral Listing” displays details of the customers who have done the registration via the affiliate link.

8. Check the incentives the affiliates earn

In the “Commission History” tab, the PrestaShop Referral tool allows the store admin to view the incentives earned by the affiliate partners.

9. Check for payout requests from affiliates

The affiliate marketing and referral marketing module allow the affiliate partner to obtain their payout/commission in the form of a voucher or cash.

The affiliate customer must raise a request to withdraw the commission earned from his/her account, which will then be reflected in “Payout Requests.”

Benefits of Referral and Affiliate Marketing Tool


  • Affiliate marketing increases brand awareness

Increase your brand’s popularity by arranging a multi-level affiliate program in the eCommerce website store.

  • The program gives refer and earn opportunity

Offer your customers a unique earning opportunity by displaying on the website an option to register an affiliate.

  • Gather email subscribers

With more registration, you can get more email subscribers. The data can be further used for email marketing strategies. The Affiliate and Referral Program is a boon to the cost of advertising.

  • Improved conversion

When the referent makes a purchase using the voucher code you can drive more conversions and hence more sales. Giving the affiliates exciting incentives can encourage them to bring more customers to you.

Final Words: People are looking for sources to build up the capital and earn more. This is a chance for eCommerce store owners to bring new customers to their store with the ‘Refer and Earn’ program. Affiliate marketing and a referral program can help you grow your PrestaShop business to the next level. Knowband presents the ‘PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program’ addon which helps PrestaShop store owners build brand awareness and effectively increase their user base.

Check out the admin demo and the front demo of the PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program module. If you have any concerns regarding this addon, you can mail us at and our team will resolve your query by the earliest.

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