Best Upsell & Cross-sell Strategies to Drive Sales for Holiday 2023

Best Upsell & Cross-sell Strategies to Drive Sales for Holiday 2022

As eCommerce brand managers and content creators, we have been looking for ways to uplift sales. Optimizing the product page is one most recommended techniques that help. Showing related products that have relevance, makes sense. If you are an eCommerce company, looking for effective but reasonable options to cross-sell and upsell during holiday sales, you can add related products to your product page.

Customers get recommendations and they sometimes buy a more expensive product. Also, showing related products on the product pages can increase the average cart value. Displaying baggy blue denim as a recommendation when a customer is buying a white buttoned-up shirt can change their mind. You can also offer free shipping, free gift with purchase, and sell Gift Cards on your eCommerce website.

Marketing is all about playing with your customer’s psychology. Understanding customer behavior is a component of it, and displaying relevant products makes customers feel as if you understand their choices.

What is Up-selling?

Upselling simply refers to recommend a similar product that is more expensive or has more features. And, as you may have seen, various big brands are champion at up-selling.

What is Cross-selling

Cross-selling, on the other hand, suggests products that are related to your current purchase. They understand that if you buy one thing, you may require its opposites, which is a great opportunity to sell others.

Read this piece to understand how cross-selling and upselling affect your business.

Does Showing Related Products on Product Page to Cross Sell and Up Sell work?

Absolutely! According to Forrester Research, product recommendations account for 10-30% of eCommerce site sales on average. “Sometimes your consumers don’t realize that a better product is available, or they may be convinced that a different product is a better fit for their needs,” KnowBand wrote this wonderful post about the success of eCommerce up-sell for your online business.

Best Practices to follow when showing related products on the product page

Despite their advantages, strategies might be misapplied. So we set out to identify the finest techniques and tips for mastering eCommerce upsell and cross-sell by showcasing relevant products from leading online retailers:

  1. Relevance – Make sure you’re recommending things that are relevant to the buyer’s original pick.
  2. Cost – When upselling, don’t suggest a product that’s more than 25% more expensive than the original offering.
  3. Timing is crucial- You don’t want to appear aggressive by making too many recommendations upfront, but you also don’t want to miss the window of opportunity.
  4. Selectively– The upsell or cross-sell recommendation isn’t required for every product. You don’t want to annoy your buyer by sending too many pop-ups or emails.

Best Modules to show related products on Product Page or shopping cart


Your store must be on a popular eCommerce platform, be it PrestaShop, OpenCart, or Magento. KnowBand has developed a beautiful tool for all the major eCommerce platforms that allow you to display products on different web pages of your website.

There are several customization options like you can display most popular products, most sold-out ones, with keyword filers, and set different conditions to show related products.

Click on the links to check out the Live Demo for PrestaShop, Opencart, and Magento stores.

Offer Free Gift With Purchase:

Free gifts with purchase make your customers feel special, these are a fantastic way to upsell! When a customer’s cart meets the eligibility for free gift with purchase rules, he or she can choose the free gift of their choice. Customers will be encouraged to finish their orders and gladly buy more items to get a free product.

With the module, you can show a variety of products and let your customers decide, what they want to add to the cart as a free gift. Related products like a pair of socks as free gift with shoes can help you upsell. For meeting the eligibility, they add more products to the cart and you upsell successfully.

Click on the links to check out the Live Demo for PrestaShop, and Opencart stores.


Increase Average Cart value with Free Shipping


Offering free shipping can help you upsell during the holiday season. Free shipping is a sales approach employed by eCommerce businesses to entice customers to buy without worrying about the cost of shipping.

The free shipping modules allow the owner to add an eligibility amount and customers do have this tendency that they add more products to grab the free shipping offer.

Knowband has free shipping modules for PrestaShop and OpenCart. Click on the links below to explore:

More ways to Optimize your Product Page

When each component of a website is viewed separately, the product page is most likely the most significant. Here are some articles that can help you optimize your product page

While optimizing your online store, never ignore the importance of a product page. Add content that leads to conversion. To make it look better, you can add product videos, add custom fields, display product ratings and reviews, and similar products to cross-sell and upsell. I hope you will find the above-mentioned articles helpful.

If you want more help then you can visit the KnowBand website or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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