How to Start Local Delivery Services on Your Online Store for Holiday Season


Many businesses are adapting to stay at home and running online. In-house delivery is the new trend after the COVID outbreak.

While making a purchase, every user has to decide between shopping online or buying it from a physical store.

And the most important factors that influence your purchase decision are the time you have got to complete the purchase and the value of the money you are going to spend.

Though brick and mortar stores still make more sales than online stores, online stores are steadily on the rise. This is primarily due to improved pace and comfort.

Customers now demand faster delivery. Hence, local delivery businesses are flourishing.

You might be wondering how to set up a local delivery service and whether or not local delivery is right for your company. This article will guide you to start a hot shot online local delivery service on your online store.

What do you mean by local delivery services?

How to take orders for local delivery:


  1. Through online website- eStore
  2. Over phone calls (If your customers are known and limited)
  3. Through chat apps

Set up a local eCommerce delivery website

Since you’re an established company, we’re not going to waste time telling you how to set up a website, as you probably already have one. Or if you are new to it then you can set up an online website on any of the eCommerce platforms. Our website development services are discussed in our previous article.

But it’s important to note that you need a webshop on your site, which means a place where customers can add your goods to a shopping cart, place their shipping address, and process payment.

Local delivery services can boost online sales

With local delivery, companies can give their local customers thoughtful shopping experiences and help drive sales and revenue. Here are some of the ways through which the Delivery Boy App can help businesses communicate with local customers and build a place for themselves within their communities.

At the local level, not only are consumers actively looking to support their local businesses to help maintain their neighborhoods and the economy. They are also interested in local shipping options because they offer attractive benefits.

Also, local delivery services offer a way to build a personalized brand experience. Customers who shop locally are looking for that personal touch, and since you can’t deliver it in-store, local delivery is a way to deliver it. You can use this to connect to existing customers and draw new customers.

Start to make deliveries

Adding local delivery services amid a global pandemic is not a common territory. Also with your past sales months for comparison, it’s hard to foresee how many customers will take you to your service. Some of our clients have seen business cut by half; others have actually seen revenue rise. But even though you do just 10 to 15 deliveries a day, you still need a schedule that your employees will obey. Here’s how you can make your new business plan work.

Add Product Availability Check by Zipcode

The Zipcode validator extension enables consumers to verify the availability of goods in any specific region by entering the zip code. This makes it easier for consumers to verify the availability of items in any region prior to buying.

With the aid of this product availability search by zip code extension, consumers can easily check the availability of the product at any location by entering their Zip code.

It gives consumers the ability to know the approximate date of delivery of the items. Customers do not need to go to the checkout page to find out about shipping availability. They will know the date of delivery of the product in advance from the respective product page.

We offer a handy Product Availability Check module to simplify both management and user experience. Check these out:

Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop

Main features of Product Availability Check by Zipcode:

  • Check the availability of goods in any specific region by entering the zip code.
  • Adds a block on the product page to encourage consumers to enter the zip code and verify the availability of the product.
  • Offers the admin to zip zone maps by uploading a CSV file
  • Show the number of days with the approximate shipping date if the product is available.

Make the Delivery management easy

Making on-time deliveries with a secured delivery system and timely updates keeps your brand in the good books of a customer. This is the end process of purchase and many brands fail to deliver on time.

To give hassle-free shipping and delivery experience, you can use Knowband’s Delivery Boy App. The Delivery Boy App allows the manager to register delivery boys, assign orders and keep track of the whole process. Delivery boys can accept or deny the orders.

If any store is using Knowband’s Mobile App, it is easy to link the two and the customer will be able to receive the order status notifications on their mobile app.

You can buy the app from here:

Shipping cost can also be calculated for your products using Shipping cost by Zipcode.

I hope you found this blog helpful to start local delivery services on your online store for the holiday season. During the final quarter of the year, businesses do see a spike in the sale, with that the delivery process becomes more complex. The apps like zip code, delivery boy, and hyperlocal marketplace make the entire process simple.

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