How to Offer a Free Gift with Purchase on PrestaShop Store

Gifts with purchase are a terrific approach to grow your business because they function as client marketing gifts! With the PrestaShop Gift with Purchase Addon, offer a free product from your store to encourage new and existing customers to buy more of your products. 

This Prestashop free gift module gives your customers gifts based on the value of their cart. Admin can control the cart’s range, quantity, and price from the backend.

Auto Add a free gift to the customer cart with PrestaShop Gift the Product Module

Some customers will undoubtedly be ecstatic to receive specific items and will place an order only for the purpose of receiving them.


  1. Attractive Layout: There are two distinct layouts for this Prestashop gift module. Any of these layouts can be used by the administrator to display the gifts to consumers on the front end.
  2. Selective products: The admin can manage the assortment of gift products that are displayed in front of clients in the backend.
  3. Gift recently viewed products: It has a feature to display the customer’s recently viewed products. These can be listed and offered as a free gift with purchase.
  4. Define a number of products to choose from: The admin can also choose how many gift products to display on the front end. 

The gift addition offers a very appealing manner of listing the gift products, which will undoubtedly entice customers to continue the checkout process.

The product purchase reward module generates positive energy and encourages clients to return to the site.

Let the customer add the free gift to their cart


The fact that this strategy necessitates a client action is its largest stumbling block. The free product will not be immediately added to the customer’s cart as a result of the discount. Prior to entering the checkout procedure, the customer must do it manually.

How PrestaShop Gift with Purchase Module works?

If you feel like rewarding your customers to earn loyalty, offer free gifts with purchase. This should be based on specific rules. With PrestaShop Gift with Purchase Module, you can create eligibility rules:

Offer a free product when a customer spends $X amount

Create the rules based on the cart total. Any customer who shops in your store will be eligible only if their cart value exceeds the minimum eligibility limit.

Offer free gifts on limited product purchases

Set rules to offer the free product based on different criteria like – on a category, based on Price, selected Products, etc. 

Add Gift price amount to automate the process

The store manager can add a minimum and maximum amount for gift price. 

Based on these rules, the products will be displayed automatically on the PrestaShop Gift with purchase block.

Layout options 

The module offers two layout options: 3D- Product Circle view and Normal Listing of Products. It gives an attractive look to the block.


To add the recently viewed items in the free gift with purchase option, you must add a minimum of 10 products.


Admin Benefits of Prestashop Gift with Purchase Module-

The consumer will be able to see what kind of rewards he/she will receive when placing a specific order. There are several admin benefits of gift with purchase addon.

  • Sales in the store will increase.
  • This PrestaShop freebie addon will enhance consumer engagement.
  • Seller may establish a variety of price rules. 
  • Different rewards can be offered on the basis of cart price.
  • The best layout can be selected that matches the store theme
  • Offer non-selling products as free gifts to get rid of old stocks
  • The module is mobile responsive
  • Multi-store compatible and supports all the languages

You did an excellent job!

We have addressed the best features of the gift with the purchase module. It allows you to give your customers a free product in exchange for their spending a bit more. The PrestaShop gift with purchase module offer is just one of the many strategies you can use to boost average order value.

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