How to Optimize the Product Page Content for Better User Engagement?

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The distribution of contents in a web store is directly responsible for visitor engagement on the website. This is one way of providing the customer a better understanding about the products and services that is being offered by the eCommerce store. This won’t be wrong to say that a poorly optimize product page may result in loss of interest of the customer to inquire more about the product and go for its purchase. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a properly structured web page as per the need and requirement of the customer.

The optimization of a product may include various features from the selection of color theme to presentation of the products. Therefore, special attention needs to be taken in this regards. Most of the time, there are certain aspects in the product page that skips the attention of the designers which may ultimately cost some revenue. Moreover, it may even create several communication gap between the seller and the customers. The gap can result in the loss of the customer of the web store. However, if the contents of the landing pages are structured wisely, then, it can surely lure the customers to the checkout page.

Listed below are some of the features that should be included in the product page to optimize it to a very large extent.

1.  Inclusion of review and ratings

Customer Review | Rating

The customers wouldn’t want to bind themselves to make purchase if they are sure about the quality. Mostly the online shoppers rely on the reviews and ratings of the product before making their purchase decision. Therefore, the product page must provide the customer’s testimonial and feedback.

2.  Easy navigation

Navigation | Magento Extension

The navigation along the product page must be made smooth and easy. The customer would like to browse the web store more, if they are given the liability of checking out the web store in a proper manner. The usage of Infinite scroll can help the customer to browse all the products in a single page. The customer don’t have to put efforts in surfing through new page for every time they want to look for more options. The infinite scroll saves both time and efforts for the customers. In the same manner the customers must also be provided with the option to return to the homepage or their cart with a single click. The infinite scroll proves to be an easy approach if the customer has already purchases sufficient products and want to leave the web store. The web store must try the infinite scroll module to prove assistance to the customers at every possible way.

4.  Products video

Magento Product Video Module | Knowband

One of the missing feature that most of the product page face are the Product videos. Most of the time, the product page is provided with only the page of the product. It surely helps the customers in relating them with the product but doesn’t completely satisfy their minds. Therefore, a better approach would include incorporating the product video to the product page. It gives a better insight of the product to the customer’s and they can have clear thoughts about buying the product. The addition of the product Video on the product age can be done easily by using the Magento Product video module. The module automatically attaches the video of the products to their respective pages in easy steps. It helps in making better sales by providing better glimpse of the product to the customers. Hence, the growth in the number of effective conversions are increased significantly.

5.  Alluring CTAs

Alluring CTA

The process of intriguing the purchase decision of a the web store visitor is quite troublesome. Now, the seller must come to their aid by providing to help them make up their mind. One of the best approach to make it possible is by providing the customers with the proper call-to-action. Adding coupon codes on the websites can motivate them to complete the transaction. At the same time, the buttons such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’, and other such trigger should be placed properly in such a way that should instantly grab the attention of the customer.

Over to You

The optimization of the product page is the immediate need of every web store. Most of the web store keep a timely update of their product page in order to meet the requirements of the customers. It has become a basic necessity of the customers to be provided with various features in order to have a better shopping experience. Thus, the web store must optimize their product page to boost their conversions.

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