How to add Custom Fields to PrestaShop Product Pages?


>Looking for a way to customize PrestaShop product pages with custom fields?

PrestaShop is the most common eCommerce platform for selling a product online. Adding custom fields in PrestaShop only takes a few moments. A great product description engages the customers and increases the chances of purchase. So, PrestaShop is the best choice when you want to add custom fields to a PrestaShop product page or display alternate product variants with a single click.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Advanced Custom Fields module to add custom fields and attributes to the PrestaShop product page and product descriptions.

About the Advance Custom Field Module for PrestaShop

The Knowband Prestashop Advance Product Attribute/Field Addon is a simple way to add extra information fields to the website’s product page. With the aid of this Prestashop Additional Product Field module, the store owner may now collect the necessary data for the product from potential buyers. Thus, the Prestashop Advance Product Attribute module enables e-merchants to include an additional information field on the website’s product pages.


The Prestashop Additional field module makes it easy to add any sort of field and define the label name on the product page. Accordingly, you can configure any aspect of your PrestaShop dashboard. So, PrestaShop Custom Field allows incorporating website information easily that would otherwise require manual data entry.

Text, Radio, Dropdown, Date, Select, Checkbox, and Text Area fields are provided by the Prestashop Advance Product Attributes module. As a result, sellers can configure the fields to suit their needs. Changes may be made to specific product pages or the entire website.

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Examples of Custom Field Usage for PrestaShop store:


On the product page of the eCommerce website, the PrestaShop Additional Custom field module introduces new custom fields or attributes.

When would PrestaShop Custom Fields Module be useful?

  • For stuff like computers, where you’d display technical specifications like RAM and processing power, you’d add additional product details.
  • Promotional Messages that can be easily modified.
  • For Dates and occasions, when you’ll have a countdown, auction, or release date.
  • You can edit or remove the exiting field
  • If the attribute and custom field need to be included on a single product page.
  • Customers can browse additional product options in addition to versions.
  • Paragraphs that describe how to use an object in detail.
  • The Prestashop Advance Product Attribute/Field module displays the invoice’s additional details.

How to display extra product information in PrestaShop using custom fields?


Create a new field

In your PrestaShop Advance custom field dashboard, go to the new Custom Fields tab. Then, click on the tab ‘Add attributes’.


Select the field type according to your requirement


Automated Validation

By choosing them from the drop-down list, the validation criteria for the created fields of the PrestaShop Advanced Product Field module can be defined. As a result, e-merchants save a tonne of time with the automated solution.

Single Page Optimization

If modifications aren’t required on all pages, the PrestaShop Product Page Custom Field plugin allows custom fields to be deployed to just one product page.

Do you want to explore more about the PrestaShop Product Page Custom Field Module?

PrestaShop Custom Product

The advanced product custom field and attribute module have added benefits in that you can add the custom field information on the invoice page. Also, this feature helps you in collecting information about your customers. So, this information can be used in future marketing strategies also while creating the buyer persona. Besides that, it’s a great way to unleash your imagination while also making the boring job of designing product pages a little easier.

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Wrap Up:

Prestashop Custom Product Module is a great module for adding extra data fields to the website’s product page. Also, the product page can be optimised without changing any code. Besides that, we understand that the Advanced Custom Fields module has a learning curve. So, please share your thoughts and questions about adding custom fields to PrestaShop in the comments below!

If you have any concerns related to the Module functionality, contact us at Moreover, for any technical assistance simply send a ticket to Knowband.

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