How to put your eCommerce site on a fast track? (Part 1)

How to put your eCommerce site on a fast track? (Part 1) | Knowband

People are getting busy day by day and there is no time left to gaze a website for its proper loading. We are living in a jet age where everybody wants “instant coffee” results and a delay of even few seconds can prove catastrophic for your online business.

It is a common observation that people don’t like to spend time on a website which takes more than the average time of 2- 3 seconds for proper loading. If your sales are hampered by a slow loading eCommerce site, it is important to prepare a quick action plan for the improved speed of your online store. Check out some of these quick tips.

Reduce the size of your web page-

A normal web page consists of a number of site elements like images, links, JavaScript, CSS and other such components that together forms the page size. The loading time of your website is directly proportional to the size of your web pages. It is important to keep your page size within few kilobytes for better site performance. Do not include heavy elements, graphics and other such components that tends to make your page heavier and affects the loading time of your website.

Implement browser caching and In- Memory technology-

The irrelevant accessing of a database often creates problems for loading time of a website and thus affects the customer engagement to a great extent. In case, there are repeated unnecessary requests for data access, you need to employ various techniques that can store the temporary information like product catalog, customer specific information, indexing information of search results and other critical data to stop overloading of data access requests.

The techniques like caching involves making use of RAM available on a server for the quick accessing of database information. The process helps in improving the rate of input- output operations that can be made 10 times faster for improved loading time of the eCommerce site. There are certain Knowband extensions like PrestaShop EasyDB Backup Manager that can help in quick backup of site database for providing immunity in case of hacking attempt, site crash or other such activities.

Use the appropriate image resolution and quality- 

Put your eCommerce site on a fast track- Use the appropriate image resolution and quality | knowband
Improve the performance of your eCommerce site with these simple speed optimization tips.

Most of the eCommerce site owners are poor in specifying the dimensions of the images on a site which results in slower loading of the website. Due to the absence of this, it is important to mention the image resolution, dimension, pixel density and other such parameters for getting a high quality image. With all these crucial information, it is easier to create placeholders for the faster loading of the web page and images at the same time.

Utilize the services of a Content Delivery Network-

If you are one of those eCommerce site owners that have customers all around the world, it is important to use the Content delivery network without any hurdle. This is because it helps in caching the content quickly by accessing the information from the servers located at the different parts of the world. Due to this, the loading time of the content is automatically reduced to a great extent.

Minimize the number of plugins on a site-

Keeping your site cluttered with unnecessary plugins will not do any good to your online business prospects but will only affect the site performance if their functioning is overlapping with each other. Instead of just keeping any plugins, you need to visit the Knowband store for grabbing the right eCommerce modules for your online store. You can avail the PrestaShop plugins, OpenCart extensions or Magento modules for improving the performance of your online store.

Don’t test the patience of your targeted customers with a slow loading website but initiate the timely action with the help of these hack tips. By following these simple tips, site owners can keep their customers engaged to their website without any efforts. For more information about the same, stay tuned to the next part.

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