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Don’t we all as e-merchants want our customers to shop some or the other thing from our stores? Even after a providing a seamless experience to the visitors, it gets difficult to convince them to buy products from your website. If you are looking for a fix that can help reduce your bounce rate and convert the visitors into customers by making them hit the buy button, there are a number of module extensions that you should check out. The exit popup is one of the best ways that can help you save your visitor from leaving your store.

If you want to control the exit rate from your website, you should go ahead and read the blog. The following popups are designed to provide the visitors with offers when they’ve made up their mind to leave the site that will make them re-think about their exit.


Prestashop Wheelio

This is the world’s first interactive exit intent popup that lets the visitors spin the virtual wheel and grab attractive offers. The spin the when appears on the page just when the visitor is leaving and lets them have their last chance to stay back and shop with the discount coupon that they get after spinning the wheel. The admin is responsible to put in the different offers on the wheel and can also give away free gifts of spending a certain amount. Being a fun and interactive way to engage your customer as well as stopping them from leaving your store, you can actually witness your conversion rate increasing with this exit popup plugin. Designed to be responsive to the laptops as well as smartphones, tablets and more, this Spin the Wheel supports multiple languages. The Prestashop spin and win module is available for the Prestashop stores. There are similar Magento spin & win and OpenCart spin wheel plugin available for Magento and OpenCart respectively.

Easy exit popup

Exit Popup

The easy exit popup is a perfect exit popup plugin that you can use on your website to share promotional texts, discount coupons and also special offers. The exit popup plugin serves as a seamless way for the shoppers to have an optimized buying experience. For the merchants, you can also customize the background images of this exit popup in order to provide a personalized look to the visitors. What more? You can also customize the size of the fonts as well as windows, colors of the buttons, and much more in this exit popup module. If you want your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and signup, this is the best exit popup. Prestashop exit popup is one such solution available for Prestashop eCommerce stores.

Make an offer

Special Offer

Did you know that some businesses have started to engage customers by providing them the bargaining technique? The “Make an Offer” is one such exit popup plugin that allows the customers to make their offer on the respective product they want to buy. For example, when a visitor come looking for a product and is about to leave the website without buying the same, the e-merchants let them put forward their buying price. Make an Offer is an offbeat and interactive exit popup that lets the merchant and the visitor interact and settle on a price that’s feasible for both of them. Moreover, this exit popup module reduces cart abandonment.
With a responsive design, the exit popup module works for every device including laptops, mobile phone, and tablets also.

Exit coupon – Coupon Popups

Coupon Popup

One of the simplest ways to stop your visitor from leaving the website is to offer them an exit coupon. The Exit Coupon – Coupon Popups will popup on the screen as soon as the shopper is on the way to leave your website without buying anything. In addition, this exit popup plugin comes with numerous popup window styles for you to choose from. This way, you can pick the one that works for your store. These exit popups can even be used as email subscription popups.

Popups, Promos & Banners – Pixelpop


In order to stop your customer from leaving empty handed, the Popups, Promos & Banners – Pixelpop will let you share a coupon code, free shipping or even the latest promotion. The exit popup module offers a responsive design and comes with a full-screen editor. Some other features of the exit popup module include – live preview, analytics to let you track the clicks and conversions and much more.

Which app would you prefer to have on your website?? Do let us know in the comments below.

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