The Ways Exit Popup can help Boost your eCommerce Conversions

Exit Popup

One of the biggest problem with the eCommerce store owners is to retain their customers. Most of the time, if a customer doesn’t find better products or deals, they tend to leave the website. In such cases, the seller must come with a better idea to keep the customers engaged to the website. Thus, the idea of exit popup proves to be a better option, in order to lure back the customer to the web store.

Therefore, Knowband has come up with Shopify Exit popup module. The module allows the Shopify site owners to generate an exit popup when the customer is about to exit the web store. The exit popup offers the discounts to the customer just when they intend to leave the site. The exit popup encourages the customer to check the web store once again and avail the offer received.

The Shopify exit popup module is one of the better approach to redirect the attention of the customers to the website. So, if you are a Shopify site owner, who wishes to improve traffic to their website, then Shopify exit popup might be the tool you are seeking for.

The Exit popup benefits the eCommerce stores in following ways:-

Increase Web Traffic

Web Traffic

Well, the exit popup redirects the customers to the web store again. Hence, exit popup provides them with an opportunity to make a purchase on products with the discounts they received through exit popup. The customers can browse through the web store again for the products to avail the discounts with the exit popup. The exit popup increases the customer’s activity on the web store and increases the web traffic considerably. There are playful exit popups that not just retains the existing customers, but even helps acquiring new ones. Spin and win is one such example of the exit popups which makes shopping a more fun experience for the customers and at the same time generate better revenues for the web stores.

Boost the Sales

Boost the Sales

The customers are tempt to avail the offers, they received through exit popups. Thus, they re-enter the web store in order to use the discount code or the avail the offer received. The exit popup turns out to be a win-win situation for the sellers as well as the customers. Curbing the exit intend of the customers, the exit popups help in enhancing the customer engagement to a greater extend. However, at the same time, the exit popups are considered to be annoying by some of the customers. In order to make it fun and engaging at the same time for the customers, you can use gamified exit popup. Shopify Spin and Win module is one such way to convert the visitors into leads without annoying them. The interactive exit popup of wheelio is not a playful way to offer giveaways to the customers and curtail their exit intend. Thus, by enhancing the engagement, the exit popup not just increases the traffic of the site, but even boost the sales at the same time.

Better UI and UX

UI and UX

The whole idea of providing discount offers to the customer upon their exit is to stop them from exiting the store. It provides the customers with a better interface to connect with the seller. The idea of providing offers to the customers via discounts coupons enhances the customer’s experiences. The discounts received while they intend to the exit from the store imparts a feeling of trust on the web store. The exit popup bends the customer to make purchase from your web store in the near future. While just asking the customers to enter their email ids and offering 10% discount is tedious, the exit popups can  make the entire thing exiting and fun for the customers. The gamified and attractive exit popups introduced in the recent past makes the interface of your website alluring. Thus, by enhancing the UI as well as UX, the exit popup is one way to staying in the good books of the  customer.

Email Integrator

Email Integrator

The exit popup allows the user to avail discount after they have entered their email id. Therefore, now the store owner is provided with personal details of the customers. Hence, the seller can now use the information of the customers for the future sales promotion with the exit popup. The exit popup helps in increasing the product visibility. Some of the exit popup plugins including the Wheelio module is an email integrator that integrates the email ids in the MailChimp, Klaviyo and other account of seller. Thus, exit popup is one of the ways to make email marketing a cinch and lure the customers back to the store.

Reduced Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Carts

The exit popup is one of the best method to deal with the problem of abandoned carts. According to a survey by Baymard, “There is about 70% average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate”. Therefore, it becomes a challenging problem for the eCommerce store owners to get better conversions. The exit popup lures the customers to use the discount code and complete their purchase, which otherwise they would have left without going to the checkout page. The web store can provide the customers with various offers and discounts, so that they may get back to the web store and re consider exiting the store. Exit popup has a very high success rate in reducing the number o abandoned cart rate.

Better marketing options

Once the attention of customer is redirected back to the web store then it becomes quite easy for the web store to market them more products. The sellers get a chance to showcase some of their more products which the customers may find suitable to make a purchase on. Thus, the web store is able to make sales out using these exit popups. Therefore, the idea of using exit popup to get back to the leaving customers may help the web store to makes sales on more products.


The idea of marketing is tough and if you are not in sync with the what’s happening in the eCommerce market. One of the biggest hack to reduce exit rate and abandoned cart is by cutting short of the mistakes of the checkout page that may be killing your conversions. The exit popup is an effective way to boost up your sales and make effective conversions. So, find a solution for your site and take your business to the next level.

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