How to Create eBay Application to Get Required API Keys and User Token?

To start selling on eBay Marketplace with any Marketplace Connector we need some mandatory eBay API keys and tokens to communicate with eBay API.  To get these keys and token we need an eBay Application. It is a pre-requisite for any eBay-e-commerce connector. So in this article, we will see the step by step procedure to set up an eBay application and get required eBay Keys and token manually:-

STEP 1:- Join the eBay Developer Program

As a first step, an eBay developer account should be created to use the eBay APIs.  Visits   and fill all required details to get register a new eBay developer account.


If you have already any developer account then skip this step and Log into your eBay developer account.

STEP 2:- Login Into eBay Developer Program

Once the eBay account has been created then login to the eBay developer account using the credentials you have provided in the first step.


STEP 3:- Create eBay Application

Once you have logged in into the eBay developer account it will ask you to set up the eBay Application name. Input valid Application name. Here you will be presented with two options:-

  • Sandbox
  • Production


Click on ‘create a keyset’ of the mode you want to get data from. On clicking ‘create a keyset’ a new form will be opened as shown.


Enter the valid details and click on ‘Continue to create Keys’ to generate keys for this application and application keys will show on the next screen. Here you will get three keys:-

  • DevID- Unique identifier for the developer’s (or company’s) account.
  • AppID- Unique identifier for the application.
  • CertID- Certificate that authenticates the application when making API calls. Not to be confused with user-level authentication tokens


STEP 4:- Generate eBay User Token

To generate eBay user token, click on ‘User Tokens’ corresponding to the App ID key as shown in the above image. After clicking on ‘User Tokens’ you will see below screen:-


Click on Sign in button shown in the image. It will redirect you to the respective (production/sandbox) eBay account.


Now, Sign In here with valid eBay user credential for which you want to generate tokens.

STEP 5:- Authorize eBay Application

Once you have logged in to the eBay account then click on the “Agree” button to allow the token to be used by any of your client applications in their HTTP calls.


STEP 6:- Get User Token

Now generating of user token process is done. You’ll be redirected to a page listing your user token. Just copy that newly generated token and use it where required.


Please note that this token will get expired after 18 months, hence you may need to regenerate the token after 18 months usage of it.

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