How to revise and relist in eBay Marketplace?

After listing once, there may be many times when you will be required to change the details or even delete the listing. It provides easy steps for these modification processes, here’s how you do it:

Following are the steps to revise the list:

Step 1: Selling

Click on “My eBay > Selling” in the menu.


Step 2: Revise

Corresponding to the listing you want to make changes to, there is an option “More Actions”, once clicked you will be shown a drop-down menu, click “Revise” option provided in the list.


Make Changes

Step 3: Changes

Make changes to the fields you want to change.


Step 4: Continue

Click on the “Continue” button to save the changes and move further.


Step 5: Changes

Make the necessary changes in the final step of revising the list.

Necessary Changes

Step 6: Submit

Click on the “Submit Revision” option to save the changes to the listing.

Submit Revision

Congratulations, you’ve successfully revised the listing.

Revised the Listing

Follow the following points to end the listing:

Step 1: Selling

Click on the “My eBay > Selling” option on the menu.

Selling | eBay

Step 2: End Item


More Action


Click on “More Actions” and then in the drop-down menu, click “End Item”.

Step 3: Sign-in

Enter your credentials as confirmation to end the listing.

Sign In

Step 4: Reason

Select any reason to end the listing.

Select a Reason

Step 5: End my listing

Click on the “End My Listing” button to end the listing.

End My Lisy

You have successfully ended the listing.


Follow the points to re-list the item:

Step 1: Selling

Click on “My eBay > Selling” option to re-list the item:


Step 2: Relist

Under the “Unsold” section, click the “Relist” option corresponding to the product you want to relist.


Step 3: Verify

After verification, click on “List my item” to complete the process.


Congratulations! Your item is listed for sale.


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