How to Add Infinite Scroll to your OpenCart Site (Step by Step)


Do you want to add infinite scroll to your OpenCart store?

Infinite scroll saves users from switching tab by loading the products automatically after they reach the bottom of the page. In eCommerce, when a user is browsing and exploring products on the store, it is good to show the products in a continuous manner without breaking the flow.

Endless scrolling can be added to the category page, brand page, product page or wherever required. The OpenCart Infinite scroll extension by KnowBand is completely mobile responsive.  Besides, it is compatible with the Journal theme and other OpenCart themes.

This article is a complete step by step guide to install and configure the infinite scroll extension in your OpenCart store.

Introduction to infinite scroll

What is the infinite scroll? For instance, you are shopping on a website and after sliding for a few seconds the content stops loading and there appears a button ‘Load More’. Now without clicking the tab you leave the online store then and there.

On the other hand, when you are exploring news feeds on Facebook it never asks you to switch tabs and you just explore the feeds for a long time without keeping the time record. Facebook is using infinite scroll.

Similarly, eCommerce websites like Amazon are using infinite scroll. In infinite scroll, all the products get loaded on the same page without switching tabs or clicking on any button, unlike pagination.


Is infinite scroll useful for eCommerce?

Infinite scroll, especially on mobile devices, can create a more seamless feel for users. Swiping is what it seems like mobile devices have been made for. Pagination consumes more time in loading may kill exploration, which is a common incentive for users on tablets and phones with infinite scroll. Ad slots can also be found in more suitable locations, as well as on infinite scrolls.

OpenCart Infinite scroll module improves conversion and increases customer engagement to a greater extent. It lowers the bounce rate and increases your on-site time by offering a more streamlined way for users to interact with content.

How to add Infinite Scroll Module on OpenCart store?

The infinite scroll extension allows endless scrolling and is easy to install and configure. OpenCart infinite scroll module enables continuous page loading and customers can navigate to the new page without switching the tab.

Video Tutorial of Infinite Scroll: Click here

Steps to install and configure:

With OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension by KnowBand you’ll receive the following files:

  • A zipped file containing the OpenCart Infinite Scroll module source code
  • OpenCart Infinite Scroll plugin user manual

Please follow the steps below to install this OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module:

  1. Unzip the zipped piece. As seen in the image below, you’ll get the folders:
  2. Copy all the zip file files and directories to the OpenCart Setup Root Directory via FTP Manager.
  3. The Infinite Scroll module for OpenCart is now built and ready for use. As the image below shows, go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions
  4. Select Infinite Scroll from the list of plugins and, as shown in the image below, you are ready to edit.

What you can do with OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module?

  • The infinite scroll module enables infinite scroll
  • If you have a limited inventory then it lets you display a message at the end of the page.
  • Users can go to the top of the page directly by clicking the ‘Go to Top’ button.
  • Additionally, it allows the admin to put a loading browser if products are taking time to load.

Want to show loading browser?

You can display a loading browser in the product page of the OpenCart store in a button toggle.


When a user reaches the end of the product page, a go-to top link will be displayed on the window.

Admin Panel Settings


How to add a message in the end?

To add the end page message you have to go to the advanced settings of the module, there you can add a text to display the ‘End of Products’ message.

The message can be customized in English and French language. You can edit the color and text from the display setting.


How it appears on the front-end of the OpenCart store:


The OpenCart infinite scroll plugin’s admin panel is extremely simple to use and does not require the implementation of coding skills. Using the OpenCart Fast Scroll module, the admin may choose to display product lists in a grid or list view format.

Compatibility with all OpenCart themes

The OpenCart infinite scroll module is compatible with Journal and other OpenCart themes, so the administrator can configure the look and feel of the infinite scroll according to the theme of their site.

Compatibility: Opencart 2.0.x – 3.0.x

Finally, for your OpenCart online shopping store, infinite scroll can help you boost sales by increasing customer engagement and conversion rate. Infinite scrolling or endless scrolling for eCommerce is suggested by many experts because it has more pros than cons. It is completely responsive and doesn’t conflict with any other installed software or module in your OpenCart store.

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