Customer Retention Modules to Increase Your Repeat Sales and Profits on PrestaShop Store

Customer retention strategies and modules

Strategies for customer retention allow you to both provide and gain more benefits from your current customer base. For any e-commerce company, attracting new customers is an ultimate objective and maintaining existing ones forms a foundation for long-term success.

You might have heard again and again that attracting a new customer is more of a hectic thing than making the existing one do a repeat purchase.

You want to ensure that the customers you have worked so hard to attract remain with you, have a better customer experience, and tend to get value from your goods. The loyal customers making a repeat purchase are a driving force to any business.

In this post, we share our top 5 proven customer retention modules for the PrestaShop store that will help you maintain beneficial relationships with your customers and nurture their loyalty.

Let’s take a look at how to proceed.

1.     Entice with Offers and discounts for customer retention

Increase customer retention with offers and discounts

To attract a potential customer, discounts and sales are the most exciting strategies. On your PrestaShop store, add the Facebook share and win module which can allow the customer to share the product on the Facebook account, and in exchange, they will earn a discount coupon that can be redeemed on repeat purchases.

You can also run a flash sale on your eCommerce store to increase customer retention.  Sales can attract any type of customer because people love getting their favorite stuff at cheap prices.

2.     Implementing a Loyalty Program can increase customer retention

Another proven strategy to increase customer retention is launching a loyalty program on your online store. The Loyalty Point Module and Reward Point Module are designed to offer a reward to the customers on every purchase they make.

These points can be used in the next purchase from the PrestaShop store according to the rules defined by the store.

3.     Customer satisfaction is the key to customer retention

If you want customers to shop from you again then give them the customer satisfaction they deserve. The journey starts from the home page and ends when the customer receives the expected quality product. Sometimes it happens that the product does not fit well or the customer does not like it and want to return it.

Is your store ready to manage the return order situation? If not then install the PrestaShop Return Manager module to your store which can help you handle the order cancellation and order returns effortlessly.

This is not it. If your customer needs to raise a query or require help then it is important to have a good customer support system. There are various ways you can offer customer support to your eCommerce store. Provide chat support with deskoid helpdesk, email support, live chat, call support, etc.

4.     Add personalization element

Have you heard the term personalized experience? This is the new trend in business. Treat your customers as an individual and take care of their experience as every customer has a unique taste. Customer retention can be achieved if you know how to treat your potential leads.

You can sell on-demand customized products like custom printed coffee mugs, t-shirts, wall clocks, or anything which people will like to purchase with new custom designs.

The PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer module allows clients to add a product’s desired text, pictures, and QR code. Start this today and increase your sales to the next level.

5.     Offer subscriptions:

offer subscription to customer for improving customer retention

Encourage customers with an email to make a repeat purchase and for this, you can add a gamified email subscription module on your store in place of the boring subscription popup. The fun and playful Spin and Win fortune wheel will bring you more subscribers and you can offer some discounts, coupons to your new subscribers.

Email marketing can be used to follow your current customers. You can share the details of abandoned carts with them, take the feedback after the purchase, and also share time to time updates from the store. Price alert, new stock details all can provide you more customer retention and increases your overall sales.

Final Words: If, after the sale, you have yet to sell to existing clients, now is a good time to develop a coherent customer retention plan. Along with adding the customer retention modules, you can follow these customer retention strategies too.  To increase your sales and customer retention you must take care of every customer visiting your store. Offer deals, discounts, loyalty points, and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter. Be clear with customer policies and do not forget to provide customer support channels to give customer satisfaction.

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