PrestaShop Back in Stock Module- Unique Approach to Capture Lost Sales


Notify customers when products are back in stock, and your PrestaShop revenue will increase quickly. Use the PrestaShop Back in Stock module to start recapturing missing revenue. Send notifications to consumers as soon as the products return to stock. It takes just 5 minutes to set up.

PrestaShop Back-in-Stock – Unique Approach to Capture Lost Sales

Back-in-stock alerts are a perfect way for PrestaShop stores to boost sales. Don’t miss out on sales because the products are out of stock. Increase your sales with web push notifications for back-in-stock products. You can send an initial email when a customer subscribes for a back-in-stock alert, low-stock alerts, and a final notification email with the Back-in-stock message.

We’ve all discovered things that were out of stock but we don’t go back to the store to see if it’s still there. Why do you expect your customers to do it? Influence them using emails and send push notifications to bring them back to your online store. You will get more sales and observe a boost in conversion rate.

Adding an email opt-in to your subscriber list will help you grow your list

The majority of low stock and back-in-stock warning forms only obtain the customer’s email address to inform them when a product returns to stock. Take advantage of the fact that they’re paying attention by asking them to join your email list at the same time. Sellers who use this strategy see a large improvement in their email subscriber list size, which leads to increased sales.


You can observe the subscriber listing on the admin panel at the left menu where all the installed modules are listed.

Subscriber list-Back-in-stock-prestashop

V3 Google reCaptcha is integrated with PrestaShop Back in Stock module to keep away the spammers and bots.


Add Custom Field in the Back in stock Subscription Box

Collecting information from customers to send personalized emails will be easier. PrestaShop Back in stock addon provides an option to add custom fields in the subscription box. You can now add text, radio option, and other custom fields to gather more details about the customers.


Send automated emails for Low-stock and Back-in-stock

The PrestaShop Back-in-stock Module is a tool for email marketing. Customers usually receive hundreds of promotional emails and most of them are ignored but an email with a catchy subject line has more chances of getting opened. The module allows sellers to send a customized email with tailored text and subject lines. Along with an initial welcome email, you can send low-stock alerts to the subscribers and notify them about the restocked products.

Heard the phrase ‘killing two birds from one stone, the module works the same way. It lets you send back in stock alerts as well as has an option to send related products. A seller can add details like bestsellers, products of the same category, specific products, etc. If a seller opts for the Specific products option, then he will have to specify the products in the respective tab as shown in the image below.


Send alerts via your email provider like Mailchimp

It is critical that you build your brand, and one way to do so is to ensure that the emails you send are sent from your domain. You’ll be able to use a variety of features to boost the success of your back in stock campaigns if you use an advanced eCommerce email provider like Mailchimp, Klavio, or Sendinblue. And, the PrestaShop back-in-stock module allows you to do so.

Real-time Analytics for PrestaShop

View a full report on customers who have subscribed to web push alerts for back-in-stock products. To increase sales, identify the most successful items, maximize inventory, and run promotional campaigns.


The new version has UTM Parameters

The UTM parameters are short text codes, you insert into URLs (or links) to monitor the success of a webpage or a campaign. Built-in analytics are available on social media sites. These allow you to track key metrics such as likes, shares, and website clicks. You can add UTM parameters to the PrestaShop Back in stock module and take advantage.

To wrap up: The Back-in-Stock emails are one-of-a-kind alerts as they create curiosity, influence the buying motives, and increase the chances of sales. If you are not sending alerts like low-stock or back-in-stock to your customers, you are making a huge mistake. Get your ‘Back-in-stock’ module today to grab your lost sales.

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