How can Infinite Scroll benefit your eCommerce Site?

With the availability of multiple eCommerce stores, online shoppers have a number of options to choose from. But what leads to the decision making of the shoppers when it comes to choosing the best store among all? Can you guess?

It’s the User Interface. Apart from UI, it is the UX. Your website appearance is the first impression of your eCommerce store on your visitors. If it doesn’t look pleasing, you won’t be able to make your visitors stay on your store. A good user interface is followed by good user experience. If your UI is impressive but you are failing to provide a comfortable browsing experience to your visitors, you are probably not going to see them back on your store.

So, in order to provide customers with a smooth and pleasant experience, enhancing the user interface as well as the user experience is a must. Bridging the gap between the user experience and user interface is highly important for the success of an eCommerce store. E-commerce merchants use different tools and features on their web stores to make it more interactive and engaging. One such method to enhance the UI and UX of an eCommerce website is the Infinite scrolling.

Infinite scrolling, also referred to as Endless scrolling, eliminates the pagination process from your store by bringing the automatic and continuous loading. As a user scrolls downs the page, the product list continues to populate. As a result, users do not require to click on the next page to browse further.

The Infinite Scroll module by Knowband helps the eCommerce merchants get rid of the conventional pagination system. It adds an automatical scroll on the product listing page and enables the user to easily navigate through your store products, on a single page. If you run an e-commerce store on Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento or Magento 2, you can avail the benefits of this Infinite Scroll module. Try them out:

Infinite Scroll addon for Prestashop

OpenCart Infinite Scroll extension

Infinite Scroll extension for Magento

Infinite Scroll extension for Magento 2

Are you still sitting on the fence of whether to implement this infinite scroll feature on your store or not? Here are some of the compelling reasons that would help you make up your mind.

Infinite scroll is time-saving

Time saver

As an e-retailer, your primary focus should be to maintain the user flow when they are present in your store. A pagination process can disturb the user flow and create frustration when users go through a number of pages. Infinite Scrolling, on the other hand, makes the browsing interesting and time-saving.

Infinite scrolling offers Easy browsing

Easy browsing

One of the main advantages of infinite scrolling is that it makes browsing easy. With the automatic loading of products, the customers just need to scroll to find their desired product. But continuous scrolling, sometimes, can make a user dig so deep that it will be difficult to reach to the top of the page again. For this matter, the Infinite Scroll module contains a “Go to top” button to make a user easily navigate to the top section of the page.

Infinite Scrolling increases session duration

To be very true, users get bored and tired after browsing a number of pages. They do not even look further to see more results and take an exit from your store. This isn’t the case with Infinite Scrolling. When products are displayed continuously on a single page to the users, they browse more products and spend more time on your store, which helps in increasing the average time spent by a user on your site.

Infinite Scroll offers fast browsing

Customers prefer fast loading. They just hate to wait for the pages to load. Clicking on the next page several times and waiting for the page to load every time can irk your visitors. Infinite Scrolling overcomes this issue and keeps adding the next page content automatically. Users find this way more convenient.

Amazing for touchscreen devices

Touchscreen mobile devices are heavily dominating keypad devices over the last few years. Today, almost every user owns a touchscreen mobile phone. This is why Infinite Scrolling is considered to be the ideal way and preferred over pagination by e-commerce merchants. It gets so simple to just use a thumb to navigate to different pages. Facebook is a prime example.

Infinite Scrolling creates more user engagement

Customer Engagement

When the content gets loaded quickly, it makes a user stay longer on the page, hence increases customer engagement. Because of the continuous appearance of products, users find themselves interacting in your store for a longer period.


Customers love the Infinite Scrolling feature. It enhances their user experience and keeps them engaged in your store. I guess this is enough for you to make this feature available on your e-commerce store. Check out the Infinite Scroll modules and let me know the results that you obtain afterward.

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