Top 3 Plugins for Maximizing Conversions on your Magento Store

Every eCommerce business is aimed at encouraging sales any this can only be made possible if your website has the capabilities to convert visitors into all time customers. For doing so, we bring you one step closer to the conversion process by providing some of the excellent plugins, installing which you will not only be able to engage visitors but also increase conversions and sales on your eCommerce website.

Let’s give a deeper look into the functionality of these plugins and see how you can use these to maximize visitor engagement on your site.

1. Magento One Page Supercheckout

The One Page Supercheckout extension for Magento is designed to provide a simple, quick and hassle-free checkout experience to shoppers. With this extension installed on the store, you will be able to convert a multi step checkout into one page or single step. The checkout process being simple and clear to understand in turn encourages visitors to make the purchase faster without any confusion in mind.

In order to reduce the stress of creating account for registration, Magento One Page Supercheckout designed by developers at Velocity also gives users an option  to login via social media accounts where users will get a choice to log in via Facebook or Google+ account directly from the checkout page. Having this feature in your website will allow more and more consumers to get encouraged to buy from your store and this would further increase user engagement.

Magento One page checkout is a highly functional plugin and is designed with a “responsive feature, ie. It allows your website to get easily displayed on all devices by adapting to the screen size.

The best part about this plugin is that it gives customers a choice to view the image of their product under the tab “image preview. Besides, customers will also get a choice to enter any coupon code on the checkout page and get discount. In short, this plugin provides everything under one roof to convert your store into a money making machine. Know more about the features of this plugin.

2. Magento Abandoned Cart

According to reports generated by Sale Cycle, the average cart abandonment rate is approx 73%.  There are multiple reasons because of which customers abandon their shopping cart. But, just because a customer has abandoned their shopping cart doesn’t mean you have lost the order.

So, what is the best solution to this. How do you go about saving your website sales?

A simple solution is using Magento Abandoned Cart module. This extension functions to recover the lost sales by sending automated emails to shoppers who added their products to the cart but did not complete the purchase.

With attractively designed email templates, you can easily draw customer’s attention to their abandoned carts. Using customized email templates, you can structure the content within to highlight the most important information which you want users to get attracted to.

Similarly, the module also allows inserting discount coupons to any of the cart reminders in order to motivate customers to come back and complete the purchase.

To know more about the functionalities of this plugin.


Boost conversions by encouraging shoppers to come back and complete the purchase.

Gain more loyal customers by offering tempting incentives  via Mangento Abandoned Cart Email

3. Magento Facebook Loginizer

Facebook Login by Magento allows your customers to connect with your store in just a single click by logging in via their Facebook account credentials. The advantages of installing this plugin on your eCommerce site are just amazing. Want to have a look?

  • Provides opportunity for increased user engagement- Seriously, no one in this world would prefer wasting time, especially if it comes to shop online. In fact people do prefer online shopping because it is quick and convenient. Having social loginizer plugin installed on your website, you prevent your visitors from the hassle of going through a lengthy registration process. Just a single click and people will be right into the middle of their shopping activity. This will encourage them to come back frequently to your store and in a way it will promote more and more user engagement.
  • Increases customer acquisition by simplifying the login process- Offering the option of signing in with Facebook also helps in increasing user acquisition rates by making sign up process more clear. Your customers do not require remembering usernames and passwords as they can connect with your website by using their own Facebook account.
  • Provides Transparency- Prohibit anonymous ratings, reviews and comments to bring a level of authenticity to user generated content on your site. Adding social login to these features goes the extra mile to ensure there is real person on the other end.
  • Personalize Online Experiences- Installing Facebook loginizer makes personalization more effective as website owners get access to demographic details of users available on the social network, based on their location, interests, preferences, place of work, gender, age and so on.  Advertisements targeted with such information results in acquiring customers for repeat purchases and conversions.


Are you still looking to improve conversions on your store? If yes, there is a need to install these plugins which comes with packed in functionalities to help you create a responsive, interactive and feature-rich eCommerce website.

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