F-Commerce: 6 Steps to Tap the Future of Online Selling

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With 600 million users, Facebook poses a huge opportunity to the online traders. While this was a source of entertainment in the past, the face of the social media platforms is changing with time. It is said that nearly 40% of the online customers use social networking sites when shopping. Hence, this is one of the ways that can effortlessly boost your sales. Some of the businesses who have used this medium saw a 20% of their sales coming from Facebook. Not just this, the Facebook transaction is even increasing 10% every month. Moreover, the cart value of the eCommerce store is expected to be 7 – 10% higher.

Despite all the alluring figures, most of the online businesses still hesitate in delving into the technicalities of a Facebook store. The store owners need not worry as there are ways to make it a cinch. just like Prestashop social login and other such modules, there are extensions that are aimed at making your life easier. The Prestashop store owner can take advantage of Prestashop Facebook Store addon that helps to create a shopping store on the social media platform. Once you have created the store, the next important thing is to optimize your business structure. So, for all the store owners out there, this article is a compilation of few steps that can help you find the right customer base and cater them with greater efficiency. Check them out.

1. Focus on high-quality content flow

Content marketing is the need of the hour in the eCommerce ecosystem. Even the online trade through the Facebook store should focus on the content flow. Since the customers don’t get an access to the touch and feel of the products, the content is the only way to get an insight of the same. Hence, the merchandise should come up with innovative ways of showcasing the products. The images and descriptions should not misguide or confuse the end-users. Just the ‘Buy Now’ is not enough to convert the users. The call-to-actions should compel the users to proceed to the checkout pages. The captions and phrases should stand out. One way of doing this is by building the trust through right information and user testimonials.

2. Boost social sharing

Social Share button on Facebook store

While the end goal is to optimize the conversions, the store should be able to reach out to greater masses. One of the ways to touch a wider customer base is by activating social sharing option. This is specifically a must in the fashion industry. A research in the human behavior states that people tend to take a second opinion before placing the order online. The social sharing option will help them share the product with their friends and family. The more shares you get, the bigger will the customer database of the store owners.

3. Optimize the layout and customize the Facebook store

Just like the eCommerce stores, the layout of the Facebook stores plays a big part in enhancing user experience and eliminating hassles. Choosing the right font and color scheme is essential. Set up distinct categories for the products, so that, the consumer can effortlessly reach the product that he is looking for.

4. Target the right audience

The entire concept of social media marketing is all about taping the right customer base. As per a study, Americans spend at least 40 minutes of their day on the Facebook. However, not every visitor is your prospect customers, so you need to come up with a strategy that is directed to the right audience base. Here are few steps to get an insight of the customers.

Keep a track of the recent purchase behavior of the customers. Take a close look at the things that they searched. The Facebook ads should be customised according to the interest of the viewers. Not just the purchasing behavior, even the life-events can help you target the right person. For instance, jewelry and other such gift items is an option for the people whose wedding anniversary is somewhere around the corner. The layer targeting options are one of the most powerful things that Facebook offers. With this social media platform, you have an access to the demographic, geolocation and behavioral data of the users. This is all that is required to create the marketing strategy. These informations can reduce the audience to as little as possible and hand-picking the target customer becomes easier.  Once you have recognized your ideal audience, then, you can reciprocate the features to find the Facebook users with similar characteristics.

5. Lure the customers

Bikes store on Facebook

Since there is so much that can distract the customers, you need to provide them a reason to like and subscribe your Facebook page. According to a report, 42% of the visitors like the pages for discounts and coupons. Enticing offers and coupons codes is one of the factors that can allure the target base. Along with this as mentioned above, focus on the content flow. Post blogs and articles to engage the customers. Keep the heading and images attractive. These offers should be on the storefront of the Facebook page to get the attention instantly.

6. Sell without actually selling

The sales promotion is the only way to reach out to the prospect audience. However, this is one factor that put off the customer. None of the customers want to hear about buying and selling, especially when they are scrolling through the Facebook. Therefore, the promotion should be subtle. Interesting write-ups, customer testimonials, and videos should convey what you are trying to say. Other than this, creating poll or competition is another way to grab the attention of the target audience. Selling the idea instead of the product is the future of eCommerce structure.


Facebook not just provide you an access to a larger audience, but even your customer has the access to the masses. Thus, you need to have a one-to-one connection with them. Maintain a personal relation and deal with the negativity that comes along with the benefits of social media. Even a single bad rating may prove hazardous to the business. So, deal with it wisely. Use this platform with a bit of care and boost your sales as well as customer engagement effortlessly.

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