How to Add Valentine’s Day Vibes on Your PrestaShop eCommerce Store


Valentine’s day, love day is just around the corner. As a matter of fact, people around the world spend a lot of time looking for a present for their loved ones on this special day. Valentine’s Day eCommerce sales surpassed a record $21 billion worth of goods in the US alone last year, with one in four Americans ordering their gifts online.

Maybe not everyone will get all lovey-dovey and starry-eyed in February, but because of the increased sales opportunity, marketplace sellers and online store owners will love this time.

The pandemic hit the lives hard but Valentine’s week is the chance to show your love, care, and affection to the person closest to your heart. People will surprise one another with gifts and for that online shopping will be their first choice.

Is your eCommerce store ready to sell love for Valentine’s love week?

I am sharing a list of 7 PrestaShop modules that will add love vibes to your eCommerce store

1. Build your Storefront with a Romantic Look


This is probably one of the most all-time things shop owners can think of during Valentine’s Week preparation: decorating the store to make this romantic day look and feel like it.

Showing people Valentine’s Day spirit in your store will boost the customer shopping experience. It also inspires them to purchase more, particularly when your design layout is eye-catching.

Website Decoration Effect Module for PrestaShop smoothly implements the love effect on the store. You can add these effects on various pages of the store. Different header elements, footer elements, and other random elements are available and a special holiday discount coupon strip can be displayed at the footer.

2. Sell Love themed Products

It can be a real challenge to buy presents for loved ones, whether it’s a best friend, better half, or other, especially if you want to stray from the conventional equation of candy-flowers-teddy bear.

Loved-themed custom gifts from the customer are a perfect way to shower love on their special one. It is a perfect opportunity to showcase items that may not necessarily have been thought about by your audience.

Custom design products like a coffee mug, books, love quotes printed t-shirts, and other such products can be designed and personalized.

3. Let them Buy Valentine Special Gift Card

Valentine’s Day is a high-yielding time for gift-giving, unlike other holiday times, such as Christmas or Black Friday, which is more likely to inspire personal purchases.

To find the ideal gift for their loved ones, friends, and family, shoppers usually browse through different websites. Why not let your shoppers give photo-printed personalized e-Gift cards to their loved ones?

On your PrestaShop website, the Gift Card module adds a gift card section and provides you with pre-existing gift card templates for various occasions, including Valentine’s Day.


Read why clients find Knowband PrestaShop Gift Card Module Impactful on Holiday Sales.

4. Add Gamified element with Valentine’s Theme

Now that Christmas and New Years’ are over, Valentine’s Displays in grocery stores are already up. If you haven’t started decorating the front end of your e-Commerce store for Valentine’s Day, now is the time!

An attractive gamified element on your home page will increase customer engagement.

To give your website an awesome look, the PrestaShop Spin and Win Module have several themes planned for every occasion. Be it Chocolate Day, Rose Day, Pledge Day, Proposal Day, Teddy Day, and Valentine’s Day, we have covered it all.

Spin and win prestashop

Click here to know what clients have to say about spin to win, gamification popup.

5. Promote your sales, offers, or campaigns for holidays

Buyers are concerned about losing out. Tapping into this anxiety will lead to creating more sales. When tapping into this Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), flash sales, limited-time deals, and holiday promotions are excellent.

For last-minute campaigns, a perfect idea for a flash sale is to create a separate page that includes all the products with discounts. Chocolates, mugs, and heart-shaped pieces make perfect flash sales items for Valentine’s Day.

Promote your sales and define the deal rules in advance with PrestaShop Advanced Promotion Manager. It has several templates and customized options available for the store owner.

6. Grab their Attention with Exit Pop up

If a customer wants to leave your website without completing the purchase, a tempting deal at the point of exit can influence their buying decision. Through the exit pop-up, you may make an effort to make them stay and complete the order.

The owner of the store will boost both customer loyalty and website sales. This Valentine’s Day, don’t let the visitor go away without making the purchase.

Exit popups also ensure that, unlike other popups that can appear at any point in time, the user experience is preserved until the very last moment. In addition, you can use PrestaShop Exit Popup as an entry pop-up too.

Exit pop up for valentines day

7. Offer Seamless Home Delivery of the Products

Everybody wants to surprise their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Thus, giving an anonymous gift delivery to your customers reveals how thoughtfully you handle your customers.

Imagine that this Valentine’s Day marketing idea would be a ‘lifesaver’ if a person wants to confess his love to someone but doesn’t have the confidence to give her the gift personally.

You can manage the home deliveries on the PrestaShop store with Delivery Boy App. It makes the whole tedious process a simple one. Many eCommerce owners are using it, here are some reviews.

Conclusion: Valentine’s week is approaching rapidly and adding these or any of these PrestaShop Modules will empower your sale and increase customer engagement in your store. These are easy-to-implement ideas that will be of great use to you on this special occasion.

Not just Valentine’s Week but these modules are excellent for all over the year sales. Visit the KnowBand store for any eCommerce assistance.

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