Mobile Responsive One Page Checkout module for PrestaShop that Converts

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The mobile users have been increased remarkably in the last 5 years and this graph will increase in coming years as well. For eCommerce, most of the users (79%) who own a smartphone have shopped through mobile phones at least once.

Store owners always try to optimize product page content, invest in marketing plans, and entice new customers with various discounts and deals. Even after so many efforts, they fail to make them reach the final step of the purchase- Checkout. A mobile responsive checkout page that loads fast and functionalities like social login, multiple shipping and payment methods, and a customizable layout is most demanded.

Upgrade your checkout system to a state-of-the-art interface and functional method that improves your store’s conversion rate. Mobile Responsive One Page Checkout enhances the usability of the checkout process and makes it easier for consumers to complete transactions on their website, regardless of their computer or browser. The sensitive CSS turns the dimensions of your website into a perfect layout for every gadget.

Mobile Responsive One Page Checkout

A responsive design increases your website visibility on the search engine that can bring more visitors to your web store. Maximum cart abandonment occurs due to poor checkout page experience and a responsive page will reduce that too.

Prestashop One Page Checkout by KnowBand is completely responsive on every gadget. All the elements of the checkout page load quickly on a single page that improves conversion, reduce cart abandonment and increases sales.


Social Login

Let your customers sign up or sign indirectly via their social media accounts to your store. Mobile Responsive One Page Checkout module for PrestaShop provides a fast login to Facebook and Google+. PayPal login is one of the most challenging features of PrestaShop Checkout.

This modified version of the PrestaShop One Page Checkout plugin allows the customer to log in to their PayPal account.

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Drag and Drop for Customized Layout

PrestaShop mobile responsive checkout page extension offers a drag-and-drop feature for layout customization. With the aid of drag and drop functionality, it is easy to prioritize checkout fields.

You have to select a field and position it where you want it to be shown.

It is incorporated with three layout designs- Single column, 2-column, and 3-column view

For example, in the 3-column view, the payment field is in the middle column but if you want to shift it to the last column of the checkout page then you just have to drag the payment field and position it where ever you want to. You can do this with any field and achieve the desired checkout page look.

Also, the width of the columns can be adjusted.

Payment and Shipping methods

Adding several shipping choices and payment methods is another way you can get more conversion.

The Mobile Responsive One Page Checkout module for PrestaShop allows you to add different shipping choices for various modes of payment. You can add a particular type of payment method for any one or more shipping choices.

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Guest Checkout Functionality

Guest Checkout

It gets annoying if you ask your customer to register with a long registration form having several unnecessary fields. Guest checkout feature for the lazy buyers is the best functionality of a checkout page.

It increases conversion at a higher rate and the responsive one-page checkout module is integrated with this.

Other Features of Responsive One Page Checkout

Add extra fields: It has several fields that can be customized and you can add a new field in case you want to collect more information from the visitors.

Inline Validation: The inline validation is another feature that intimates the user if any mandatory field is skipped.

Google Auto Address Fill: It automatically helps the user in filling up the registration form.

Email integration: The PrestaShop responsive one-page checkout module is integrated with MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo email integrators that collect the customer data for email marketing.

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Set the priority for checkout fields: PrestaShop One Page Checkout gives you the option to organize your checkout fields. In addition, the checkout area may be labeled as Mandatory or Optional. A customer will not be allowed to continue processing if he exits an area that has been identified as mandatory.

Abandoned Checkout Statistics: PrestaShop Responsive One Page Checkout now gives the store owner an incredibly helpful function that allows them to track down the transaction rates, the number of abandoned checkouts, the missed sales, the number of orders, and the revenues received from those orders.

Checkout Behaviour Report: This feature helps monitor the behavior of customers who have abandoned their carts. The module displays the percentage of information given by online users who have abandoned their cart. For the admin to be able to delete those that are not filled by the customers and are unnecessary.

Custom CSS and JS: There is an option in the Prestashop One Page Checkout Admin panel to add custom CSS style and JavaScript to the checkout page. You can make the necessary changes without changing the code of the Prestashop one page checkout module.

Free Shipping Condition: Free shipping attracts more buyers to the store and increases conversion. Also, it increases the average cart value. Prestashop Responsive Checkout gives you the option of setting a minimum sum for displaying a ‘Free shipping’ banner on the checkout page.

The outcome will be displayed in the form of a progress bar. As soon as the customer hits the limit set for the cart, free shipping is given on their order.

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Conclusion: No matter how attractive you have made your e-commerce website, if you are unable to offer a great checkout experience to your customers, you can lose out on conversions. Try the Mobile Responsive One Page Checkout module for PrestaShop that includes all of the features listed above and much more!

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