eBay Allows Sellers adding Videos to Storefront and Product Pages

Marketplace platforms are adding new features to their product pages and designs to provide the best customer satisfaction on their platform. eBay, which is an eCommerce platform recently announced that they will allow some sellers to post videos to their listings.

This is not the first time when eBay allowed videos, but previously eBay used a service called WebyClip to upload the video automatically but, the feature was removed in 2017. This time, eBay made an announcement introducing the video feature on storefront and product pages.

eBay is constantly working to provide you with a new, feature-rich platform that will help you engage customers and increase your eBay sales. Adding video capabilities for listings and storefronts is a part of this initiative.

Videos will begin to appear on selected product pages and storefronts in the coming months. In the eBay announcement, they mentioned that they continue to extend these new video features to more sellers in the year 2021. Buyers would be able to watch videos on the eBay app at first, and then on the desktop and mobile web later.

The only information eBay provides was this demo picture on the eBay app.


Video is the next step to assist marketplace sellers in providing more engaging shopping experiences to their existing and prospective customers. Product videos are attractive and they help to show off the goods and brand while also assisting in buyer engagement and sales.

The announcement seems to be chaotic and lacking in specifics, they have mentioned that more details on guidelines and eligibility will be revealed soon.

Sell on eBay from your online store

The eBay platform is preferred by sellers because it is feature-rich and offers a variety of marketplace advantages. It’s now easier to sell on eBay, thanks to the marketplace integration plugins that allow automated product listing, and this new video feature will boost your brand’s visibility.


Marketplace integration plugin allows sellers to link their existing eCommerce website seamlessly to the eBay profile. The seller can manage all the inventories and orders from one place. Additionally, its user-friendly interface provides payment and shipping regulations.

The Marketplace Integration plugin is available for all the major eCommerce platforms. Click on the links below to visit and explore the modules.

Magento-eBay Marketplace integration 

OpenCart-eBay Marketplace integration

Shopify-eBay Marketplace integration

PrestaShop-eBay Marketplace integration

The eBay Marketplace Integration module can also be downloaded from PrestaShop Addon Store.

It is a smart solution that can provide you with a quick and easy seller dashboard. Customers can choose from a larger selection of items to find the item they want. Customers can choose from a variety of domestic and foreign shipping options to get their product via the most cost-effective carrier. The eBay marketplace is an amazing platform to expand your business.

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