How to sell on eBay with these Pro tips

With over 1.2 billion listings on eBay, sellers have to compete a lot for the attention of eBay’s 182 million active buyers. And this is a little tough for the new sellers. So this is the main reason most of the sellers are looking for some tips to getting started selling on eBay. This marketplace is not only too vast but also complicatedalso be complicated at times. If you are new to eBay, it is best to start slowly, learn the landscape, read the rules, find out about the fee structure, and grow your eBay hobby or business methodically. Here are some pro tips for the sellers to sell on eBay Marketplace.

Make your post outstanding


By using some eye-catching words in the header can grab a buyer’s attention. Your headline description must be clear. Inside your description, all your product conditions must be clearly specified. Along with the headline and description, product image plays an important role in the buyer’s attention.

Apply Seller Initiated Offer


Recently eBay Marketplace introduced a new feature called Seller Initiated Offer, which can be directed to buyers who put a product in their watch list or who have a product in their cart. For example, if a buyer adds a laptop to their watch list or cart, that’s a clear indication a buyer is interested in a product, and so you as the seller can go into the Seller Hub and check the specific listing and see that people have shown interest. Then, the seller can send an exclusive offer with a personalized message.

Timing is key, price your item right


According to eBay, Sunday is the best day for purchases, followed by Saturday and Monday. To sell your items quickly, think of the time and most important what products people want. For instance, Christmas items will do better in early December than March. You get the idea. As for pricing, make sure your item is perfectly priced as most buyers purchase a product after comparing it to others. Free shipping also helps to sell your product more quickly.

Understand Seller Limits


Selling limits are ruled for all sellers, but they are more strict for new sellers. It places certain limits on sellers to prevent any kind of fraud. New sellers have different limits like account limits, category limits, and item limits.  After you have successfully sold a few products, then you can request higher selling limits. 

Choose the Right Listing Category


The product listing category is very important in the marketplace. Always put the product in the right category. For instance, the right category for a smartphone is electronics than any other category. If you put your product in the wrong category then no one buys it because they are looking for a product that matches the right category.

Other selling tips:

Be clear about your return or refund policies; build up your seller reputation by asking happy customers to post a short review and star rating, and advertise your eBay post elsewhere, including auction sites and social media, to maximize your reach.

Use eBay extensions to list your e-commerce store products on eBay:

We provide the best extensions which help you to list your products on eBay Marketplace from the e-commerce stores like Prestashop, Opencart, and Magento. Listing your products individually on these platforms is a very time-consuming process. So these extensions help you to save your time and money.

Some benefits of these extensions are as follows:

  1. Bulk product listing: With the help of eBay integration extensions sellers can upload products in bulk and they can map the e-commerce store categories with the eBay categories as well.
  2. Profile Management: Sellers can upload products by creating multiple profiles. Under profile, Management sellers can also select the basic settings. Profile-based product listing will help you to list different products in different categories on the marketplace.
  3. Product listing: Under this tab, sellers can see their product status. From this tab, the seller can check which checks that which products linked to which category, their listing ID and their listing status, etc.
  4. Price Management: Using this feature sellers can list their product at a different price than their e-commerce store price. They can adjust the price higher or lower on the basis of fixed and percentage-wise.
  5. Various Payment Methods: eBay integration extension helps the seller to set the payment methods as per their choice.
  6. Quantity Management: Admin can add a quantity buffer while listing products on eBay to avoid any out-of-stock orders. This module also allows admin to sync inventory in bulk from store admin to eBay.
  7. Shipping Management: Admin can create multiple shipping profiles and can also offer free shipping or international shipping on eBay using our module.
  8. Return Policy: Admin can manage eBay return policy settings from the module itself.


So, if you are selling on eBay or you are a new one then you must follow these tips to get the most of eBay. These tips will help you to sell your products more quickly. And if you are selling on other e-commerce stores like Prestashop, Opencart, and Magento in addition to eBay Marketplace then you must use these integration extensions to save your time and efforts.

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