New Features Added to PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) Addon [Version 3.0.8 Released]

PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) New features added in latest version

PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) module by Knowband is known as one of the best PrestaShop addons which simplify and fastens the product return management on your eCommerce store and helps you improve customer experience. With the PrestaShop Return manager addon, you can provide easy order return features on your website and can add a return policy for your products.

It’s a harsh reality that you’ll have to issue a refund or return in response to certain legitimate return requests. For making the process convenient, with the same module features, a customer can ask for a refund, credit, or even cancel the order completely or partially. A simple return process on your website can persuade the shopper to return to you the next time he or she shops online. We need to remain open for any chance because this is a long-term game.

The Return manager addon has been downloaded by 2000+ clients on the KnowBand store and PrestaShop Addon store. Some new features have recently been introduced to the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) addon in the latest update. In this post, we’ll go through all of the newly added features in detail.

Newly Added Features to the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) Addon:

1.      Search Option in the Admin panel for all the Listing Tabs

In the latest version of the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA), the e-merchant can now search and filter the orders on various listing tabs. The search option is added for the following listing tabs pending cancel requests, approved canceled order list, pending returns list, active return orders list, canceled returns list, and archive list. Admin can sort the orders by providing details like Order ID, Customer Name, Respective listing ID, and also with a date.

PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) New features added in latest version

2.      Define Order Status to start calculating policy time

The PrestaShop Order Return manager now allows the store admin to set the order status from which the return policy time will be calculated. In the previous version, the clock starts ticking the day order was placed and a delay in order delivery sometimes exceeds the period and customers fail to make the return request. With this feature, the store owner can set the status as ‘Delivered’ for calculating the return policy time.

Order status with custom text in PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) addon

3.      Feature in the Admin panel to send Test Email

The module now allows the store admin to send test emails before finalizing the template. This functionality is added to all the provided email templates of PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) Addon.

send-test-email-with-PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) addon

4.      For email, templates specify custom Text for each Return Status

Another feature added in the module is an option in the admin panel to add a custom text for each Return Status and created a place holder which can be used in the return status email template.

Order status text PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) addon

Admin can add a personalized message in the provided option for every order status. An email with a tailored text will provide more clarity to the customer.

Order status text PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) addon

Features added for easier management

5.      Added Left Menu Shortcut of Return manager Addon on the Dashboard

As it is shown in the picture below, the admin is now able to access the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) Module from the left menu of the PrestaShop admin panel. This provides quick access to the admin for module configuration.


6.      Display all Return listing counts on top of the Admin panel

In the Dashboard of the PrestaShop store, the admin can quickly access the return manager listing counts from the option provided on the top. By clicking on any of the listing options, the user will be redirected to the respective listing page.


7.      PrestaShop v1.7.7.1 compatibility:

PrestaShop recently launched version PS v1.7.7.1, which includes some new features and bug fixes. We’ve made the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) Addon completely compliant with the new PrestaShop version v1.7.7.1.

For other existing features of the module, you can refer to our previous blog post.

Upgrade to the Latest Version of PrestaShop Return manager addon:

PrestaShop Order Return Manager

User Manual

Admin Demo

Front Demo

You can also download the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) module from the official PrestaShop Addon store.

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