Success Story of Marketplace Integration (eBay, Etsy) for Men’s Fashion Store

For most people, creating an online store seems like an impossible dream. But, finally, I discovered that even ordinary people can establish profitable, six-figure sales, the online marketplaces allow them to earn a good living and live their passions.

A client based in the USA used the marketplace integration extensions to list all the products of his OpenCart store on popular marketplace platforms like eBay and Etsy. He is now successfully managing all the inventories without spending extra time.

The marketplace integrations are one-time investments and with their help, you can easily manage orders, product listing, and inventory management from your OpenCart store itself. Just one app will do everything for you.

The client used OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration and OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration on his Men’s Fashion Store built on the OpenCart platform.

Easy to list products on Marketplace


If you have installed the marketplace integration extensions on your OpenCart store then from one click, all your changes will be reflected on the marketplace. If you are listing products on OpenCart then those products will automatically sync that data with the respective Marketplace. The respective extensions for the different marketplaces will manage their orders and inventory so nicely that listing products on marketplaces will be hassle-free. 

Our USA-based Men’s Fashion Store owner is happy with the features provided in OpenCart Marketplace eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping integrations.

What is OpenCart eBay Integration Extension?

The eBay OpenCartMarketplace Integration Extension offers the owner of the OpenCart store a smart solution to connect their OpenCart store to the eBay marketplace.


The Marketplace Integration has an easy-to-use interface and allows product upload based on profile. It easily connects OpenCart store categories to eBay’s categories. The extension provides full control of the details and conditions of eBay such as attributes, characteristics, goods, the other values as needed. The module itself follows all the terms and conditions of listing products in the marketplace that you don’t need to worry about any legal violation on the marketplaces.

The eBay Integration module allows shipping management to add several shipping methods to the eBay store. The store administrator will handle orders from the OpenCart admin panel and lets you enable admin to describe the location and country. It synchronizes the inventory published in bulk on eBay. The module itself manages the inventory of each and every product on the marketplace. This module allows the admin to send the higher or lower price on eBay Marketplace as compared to their respective store.

Admin can also add a quantity buffer while listing products on eBay to avoid any out-of-stock orders on Marketplace.

Admin can also manage the return policy from the module itself.

Admin can also send product descriptions as per their choice using the provided placeholders.

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What is OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension?

The Etsy OpenCart Integration module offers an efficient interface from the OpenCart admin panel to handle product lists, inventory, and orders for the Etsy marketplace.


It allows uploading the goods in bulk with ease. It is easy to map OpenCart shop attributes and categories of items with Etsy marketplace attributes and categories. This extension enables the store administrator to create multiple templates for the shipping and lets the OpenCart store owner manage and control the inventories.

Benefits of Marketplace Integration

There are tons of benefits of Marketplace Integrations and selling over a marketplace.

It Saves Time: The marketplace integration saves your time and effort as you don’t have to list the same products and categories again and again on different platforms. Do it once on OpenCart Store and it will get synced automatically!

Centralized System: Let all the inventory and orders on the different marketplaces will be managed in one place. All the products are in one place. Any update to a product will be synced to all the channels automatically.

Attract a huge audience: The reach of the big brand marketplaces is beyond your imagination. They have thousands of visitors coming on their platform every hour. So, you get a better audience for your products.

Low cost of Startup: Selling over a marketplace is a pocket-friendly solution for taking your business to a great height. You can integrate your website and sell over many platforms simultaneously.

Fully Customizable: Admin can send the modified (like higher or lower) prices on Etsy as compared to their stores. This module also allows admin to send the desired titles on Etsy using the provided placeholders.

Increased Brand visibility of your store: It is so obvious! When you sell a product on various marketplaces, you create a unique brand identity.

Why you should consider a Marketplace Integration?

After COVID-19, it is highly suggested to build your online presence on various social media and marketplace platforms. For small vendors, earlier there was no way to sell their hand-made products to an enormous audience. In fairs, open markets, or under consignment, these artisans used to sell their products.

The launch of Etsy Marketplace, however, helped these small merchants sell their products online as it is a fast, moderate, and easy way to access millions of customers worldwide, resulting in good profits.

The marketplace integration’s benefits are listed in the above section and with that, you get a lot of features that reduce your extra efforts of selling on a marketplace like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon.

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Wrapping Up

Selling on the Etsy, eBay marketplace was not so easy. For various CMS platforms such as PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, and OpenCart, KnowBand provides Marketplace Integrators. It enables sellers to integrate their eCommerce store through an API integrator with Etsy, eBay, Google Shopping, Walmart, and other marketplaces. Sellers can easily present their products among the wider audiences with its seamless technology and foster brand recognition as well.

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