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Do you have a count on the mobile apps you are using right now? Two, three, or maybe 10 at a time! The increase in the usage of mobile applications cannot be ignored. As mobile users are increasing rapidly, so is the demand for mobile apps. MumbaiShopper is a Marketplace for Mumbaikars. They have built their website on the OpenCart platform. To design their OpenCart Android App, they have used KnowBand’s OpenCart Mobile App Builder plugin.

From a fashionable home page design to a checkout page, it is personalized for sophisticated UI/UX. The CTAs, cart design, customer support, and many other features are a part of this mobile app builder plugin. This mobile app offers more exclusive facilities to customers and the admin. Let’s dive in to explore!

MumbaiShopper OpenCart Android Mobile App

As said before, the MumbaiShopper is a marketplace where you will find everything from fashion to furniture. If you want to shop baby products, fashion, electronics, or sports ranges, you will find everything at Mumbaishopper.

MumbaiShopper OpenCart Mobile App supports multiple currencies. You can see the prices in USD and INR. The categories, product listings, home page design, cart design; everything is up to the mark.

Have a look at the attractive home page!

The theme of the MumbaiShopper OpenCart Android app is similar to the website which is exceptional.

In midst of tough competition, the application needs to be user-friendly and appealing. It is quite certain to add color pallets, graphic images, banners, and logos that match your website theme.

For instance, the banner display is completely customizable. On the home page, show top categories, square banners, sliding banners, or products in the grid pattern. It is all up to you.

Have a look at the app design and its theme colors.


Isn’t it engaging!

About the Shopping Cart

Customers can add products to the cart quickly. The shopping cart of the app has two options:

  1. Shop more
  2. Proceed to checkout

It has clear navigation because the CTAs in the app are bold and aloud

Every change on the website is in Real-Time synch


The changes and updates that are made on MumbaiShopper Website are reflected directly on the Mobile App. It has real-time synchronization.

Finding the right product is easy

Find out the product you want by sorting and using the filter. Decide first and then apply filters. Sort it as relevancy, price, or bestseller.


It gives a satisfactory customer experience to OpenCart Android App users. It helps them in finding a product of their choice.

Voice search makes it easier.

Whatsapp and Zopim for live chat support


The customers can get quick support from the MumbaiShopper team using WhatsApp chat and Zopim chat support options. WhatsApp live Chat is available because Customer service is the topmost priority of every brand.

Quick Login and Sign up saves time and efforts


While most of the world population is connected via social media, why shouldn’t we take advantage? The OpenCart Mobile app has Google login and Facebook sign-up options for netizens.

Along with this, customers can register using their mobile number. This allows them to log in using OTP.

Additionally, a fingerprint login option is also available for the customers.

Multiple Payment and Shipping Support for every customer


As the user completes the registration process, they will have to make the payments first, then choose the shipping method for their product delivery on MumbaiShopper Store.

More conversion with One Page Checkout

The MumbaiShopper OpenCart Android App has a single-page checkout screen, as a result, it makes product purchase easier for front-end users. One Page Checkout provides quick checkout that refects in the reduction of abandoned carts. This also improves the app’s usability for order placement.

It is possible to run promotions on the OpenCart mobile App

Yes, you can run promotions on your OpenCart store if you have KnowBand’s OpenCart mobile app builder. The MumbaiShopper product range is wide and to entice customers, they run deals and discounts.

Deals of the Day, Deal of the Week, and Discounts for you are some listed categories in the MumbaiShopper OpenCart Mobile App.

The app allows the store owner to run promotions and coupons that are applicable on the website.

You can add Spin to Win promotional gamified element to your mobile app only if the same is available on your website.

Bring new customers to store

Wondering how? The MumbaiShopper store has a social sharing option for products.

The OpenCart Mobile App allows customers to share products on their social media profiles. This also attracts more attention from their friends and family. Hence brings you, new potential visitors.

Feature to track the traffic

With Google Analytics integration, OpenCart Android App allows tracking app performance standards, in short, you can set new goals. On the mobile app, the store administrator can monitor traffic and plan marketing campaigns accordingly.

To sum up, like the MumbaiShopper store, you can also make your mobile app using the Opencart Mobile App builder plugin. The application has almost everything that you need for a mobile app. Check out the live demo or get the free OpenCart mobile app to have a preview of your store.

We believe in customer satisfaction. If you want any custom feature that is not included in the Mobile App Builder, let us know in the comment below.

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