Kevajo WooCommerce Mobile App Success Story to Get Inspired From in 2021


Kevajo WooCommerce Mobile App is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that saves you time and money. With the Kevajo WooCommerce iOS and android app, you can find anything you want at the lowest possible price. The App is created using KnowBand’s WooCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin designed for Android and iOS platforms. There are several features that can inspire the design and structure of your custom-made mobile app.

Total App Downloads (Android): 1000+

Kevajo Mobile App features that make it handy!

Shopping when you shop! Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

Tell Kevajo and it’ll help you find high-quality pieces at the best possible prices. It has a voice search feature that finds the relevant product through spoken voice commands rather than typing.

WooCommerce mobile app

Look through tens of thousands of products to find something that interests you. The home page is very well designed with a categories button, menu option at the top. The home page design contains promotional banners, categories in a pictorial format, recently viewed products, and some recommendations. Clear call to action buttons provides convenience to the visitors.

The product page of the WooCommerce Mobile app has two layout options. And with that, there are sort and filter buttons to help users find their choice of product with ease.

WooCommerce mobile app

Once a customer find their favorite product on the mobile app, it is important to redirect them. A shopping cart with a button that motivates them to ‘shop more’ or ‘leads to direct checkout’ is the perfect place.

Custom features makes the Kevajo App different. Customers can directly make a phone call from the product page if they have any queries. The product quantity can be updated and it clearly displays if the product is ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock.

WooCommerce mobile app builder

To complete the purchase, a customer has to sign-up first and then log in to their account. The sign-up form has limited entries and for login, there are features like email and password login, social login with Facebook and Google+ and a fingerprint login option.

WooCommerce mobile app builder

KnowBand adds custom features to the mobile app as per the requirements. WooCommerce Mobile App created with WooCommerce mobile app builder customized for Kevajo has a live chat support option that redirects the customer to WhatsApp Application.

WooCommerce mobile app builder

About the KnowBand WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

A robust mobile app is a result of smart work done by expert designers and developers. The WooCommerce mobile app builder plugin by KnowBand provides all the necessary features and custom design options to give a satisfactory user experience. It is easy to list the app on Google Play store and iOS stores.


If you are looking for a mobile app solution for your WooCommerce website then this is the best time to buy the plugin as KnowBand is running an exciting deal. Click on the image below to take the product demo of the WooCommerce mobile app and I assure you that it is the best solution for your store.

The Mobile App Builder is also available for Magento, Magento 2, OpenCart, and PrestaShop platforms. Have a look at the portfolio of the mobile apps developed by KnowBand!

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