How to get refund for your Apple App Store Purchase?

There are times when you accidentally buy something from Apple App store and later feel bad about it. There may be multiple reasons behind these faulty purchases. Sometimes the app stops working after they are purchased or it may even fail to fulfill your requirements. In either case, getting the money refunded is a major challenge in front of you.

Apple offers refunds for the products, Apple App Store doesn’t offer any free service or movie trial, but in case you revert your purchase, then, they will surely help you out. A valid reason for refund request could get your money back without any hassle. If you constantly make refund requests, you won’t see any progress. Just one legitimate request is enough for that.

Apple store reviews your claim for refund before its approval or rejection. They allow refund for any purchases made within a time duration of 90 days. If you make a genuine request soon after the purchase, it will be accepted easily. Now, the question arises what are the ways to ask for the refund amount from Apple App Store in different situations? Here’s an answer for the same:

1. How to get refund from Apple App Store using your iPhone or iPad?

With your iPhones or iPad, you conveniently make the refund request through e-mail receipt of faulty purchase. In case, the Apple store hasn’t provided any direct links to report your issue, so, with mail receipt, you can report your problem to Apple Store. Following are the steps to submit your report:

Step 1: Open email app on your device, and search for purchase receipt in your mail inbox. If you remember the date, the search might become easier for you, if not just search for the mail till you find it.

Step 2: Once you have found the mail open it on the app and tap on Report a Problem option.


Step 3: As you tap, a new tab will open, log in with your Apple account.


Step 4: If you are being asked for any kind of verification, enter the code, else go to the next step.

Step 5: There comes a drop-down menu with various options. Choose the problem you want to report and tap the Submit button. Enter all the details regarding your issue.


Your report is submitted. Apple team will revert back with info about whether your claim is approved or not after a few days.

2. How to get refund from Apple App Store using a web browser?

If you somehow don’t have an access to your system or smartphone which was used for the purchase, you can still claim for the refund request. For this purpose, you just need a web browser with a stable internet connection irrespective of the device.

Step 1: Open the web browser and go to Apple’s report page with following address: and access with your Apple ID.


Step 2: Choose the faulty product you purchased and want a refund for, and tap on Report a Problem.

Step 3: Once you have found that product, select report a problem and submit your reason with all relevant information.

You will be informed by Apple after few days of claim reporting about your refund status.

3. How to get a refund from Apple App Store using iTunes on Mac or Windows?

With the help of iTunes, you can also get a refund for the accidental purchase. This method is slightly different from the previous ones, yet it can get your money back.

 Step 1: Open iTunes on the Mac or Windows, whatever suits you. Select the App Store available at the top of the window.


Step 2: Click on Account option located on the right side. Enter your Apple account credentials, if asked.

Step 3: Go to Purchase History, and open See All.


Step 4: There comes a list of apps, search the one you purchased. If you have any difficulty in finding an application, try changing date range on the left-hand side.


Step 5: Click on Report a Problem displaying below app.


Step 6: After that, you have chosen the problem from the menu. Enter all its details and submit.

Once Apple Team reviews your request, they will respond to you about your refund request status.


Final Words

With all these methods, one thing is clear that it’s not that typical to get refunds from Apple App Store. If your refund request is legitimate, it will be processed within one week. In some cases, this time gap could even get bigger. Also, if needed Apple team may also contact you regarding your claim. So, keep your reasons valid and leave the rest to the Apple Team, they will take care of it.

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