Step by Step tutorial to test and create eCommerce mobile app for your web-store!


With a change in the eCommerce business scenario, the revenue of online stores has also been affected. Mobile optimization has become quite an essential requirement for eCommerce website sites nowadays. From conversion rate optimization to search engine optimization, no expert will tell you that targeting mobile customers is not beneficial. In fact, you will remain in a disadvantage against your rivals by not considering mobile customers in your marketing plan. In this write-up, I am going to tell you the easiest way to own a pair of native mobile apps. Earlier, you either required to learn the coding/programming or hire a professional to create eCommerce Mobile App. But, now all you need to go for automated solutions and launch fully synced eCommerce apps for your business.

KnowBand has brought one such solution with Mobile App Builder plugin. This is a readymade solution to provide you native Android/iOS apps for your store. It is designed in such a way that all the functionalities of the app can be controlled from the backend panel without making any code changes. The eCommerce Mobile App Creator is available for following CMS platforms:

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder
OpenCart Mobile App Builder
Magento Mobile App Builder
Magento 2 Mobile App Builder
WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

How to create eCommerce mobile app in a few steps?


In order to utilize the services of Mobile App Builder extension, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Purchase the Module

Visit the above links as per your eCommerce website platform. Purchase the module and install the zip file on your store. Once installed you get the complete admin panel access to control the app. Open it and enable the respective Mobile App Builder.

Step 2: Share your App Specifications

After purchasing the module, you will receive an email having a small questionnaire that you need to fill and respond back. In the questionnaire, you will be asked to share some information regarding your app. Based on which, the development team will develop and customize the app.

Step 3: Publish APK/IPA on App Stores

After the development is complete, the team will share the APK file of the app with you. Now, you need to publish this APK on Google Play to make your App available to your customers. You can publish the app by yourself, or it can also be done by Knowband for a small fee.

That’s all with the process to create your own mobile app with KnowBand. You can even test your store on our demo app before going for the actual module purchase. Let’s find out how?

How to test your store on our demo Mobile App for free?


In case you want to see how your mobile app would look like, there are free versions of the Mobile App builder that you can try. The free version of the Mobile App Builder lets you see how your eCommerce store will look and work on the App. You need to implement the following steps that are mentioned below for having a free demo:

Step 1: Visit any of the links below according to your eCommerce platform:

Android Mobile App Builder Free – Prestashop Addon
Android Mobile App Builder Free – OpenCart Extension
Android Mobile App Builder Free – Magento Extension
Android Mobile App Builder Free – Magento 2 Extension
Android Mobile App Builder Free – WooCommerce Extension

Step 2: Download, install and enable the free mobile app builder extension on your store.

Step 3: Next, install the respective demo Mobile app on your Android/iOS testing phone from the Play Store/App Store as per your choice:

PrestaShop Mobile App – Android & iOS
OpenCart Mobile App –   Android & iOS
Magento Mobile App –    Android & iOS
Magento 2 Mobile App – Android & iOS
WooCommerce Mobile App – Android & iOS

Step 4: Open the App and enter your store URL in the field.  Make sure you enter the full store URL of your store i.e.

Step 5: You have successfully completed the initial setup of the demo app. Now you can experience your store as a mobile app and test it as you want.

That’s all! Now, analyze your app functionalities. You can even find the detailed testing process from here.

Why own a pair of native eCommerce mobile app?


In addition to having a mobile responsive site, mobile apps have come up as a more advanced way to target mobile users. No doubt you still need a mobile site to come in the good eyes of Google and your mobile customers. But, all of your rival sites know this too, and that’s why they have already started the mobile optimization for their stores. So, what else do you need to have an upper hand against your competitors? A mobile app for sure. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of tapping into mobile commerce:

1. Improved Usability for online shoppers-

Downloading and installing the app is a one-time process. After that, your customers can visit your store anytime in just a single click. This ease of visiting your store improves the interactivity of the customers with your business and ensures a 24X7 availability. The exclusive mobile app interface makes navigation through your store quite easy, quick, and interactive. Furthermore, mobile apps can be presented as per your will. You can design the home screen and highlight popular products of your store as well.

2. Leverage built-in Smart Phone features-

The Android and iOS platforms provide a number of built-in features on smartphones. Mobile apps can adapt to these built-in features and leverage them for providing a more engaging user experience to the customers. For example, you can use the GPS location tracking to present the location-based shopping experience to your customers. You can leverage microphone to provide voice-based app search for faster-searching experience.

3. Users always prefer mobile apps over the mobile site-

Apps make the shopping experience faster, interactive, more secure, and reliable. Users don’t have to remember an URL or log in each time they visit the store. Sites having both mobile apps and mobile sites receive more qualified traffic on the mobile app than on the mobile sites.

4. Mobile app push notifications is a boon-

You don’t have to depend only on email marketing for communicating with your customers. Through mobile apps push notifications, you can always and instantly send messages to your users that too in a more personalized way. You can’t integrate push notifications to boost sales if you don’t have an app. Push notifications are more hardware features that are based on GPS, secure connection and some API and it’s not available for websites.

5. Brand loyalty will enhance user engagement-

Nothing can be more useful for putting your products and brand in the center of attraction than a mobile app. Apps are the shortest route to your business available for 24X7. Just a single click on the app icon and customer is on your business center. Mobile apps are useful tools for creating a more loyal section of customers who love online shopping anytime from anywhere. Showcasing your brand logo on the mobile app leave your professionalism on the shoppers.


Over To You

So, this is how you can get a mobile app for your eCommerce store without doing much of the complex tasks. KnowBand’s Mobile app builder is the easiest way to get a native Android/iOS app for your store. Moreover, I have also explained how you can try a free demo of the app to experience your store as a mobile app. Leverage this useful service and get your app developed today by the expert eCommerce and mobile app developers.

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