Opencart Option SKU Manager plugin – User Manual


Opencart do not assign unique SKU to each option of a product. For example, if one product has multiple options (sizes & color), then you cannot update the inventory of each option directly. You have to enter/scan product SKU, then select one option from option list. To remove this option selection step, we have developed a module (Opencart Option SKU Manager) to assign unique SKU to each option of product. After installing this module, you can directly enter/scan the SKU of option of SKU and update the quantity.

Functionality and working

How to install plugin

Follow the steps explained below to install the module.

Step 1: Open the modules list from menu as shown below.

Step 2: Click on install button against “Option SKU Manager ” plugin as shown below. Plugin will be installed successfully and read to use.

How to enable plugin

Step 1: Click on edit button against “Option SKU Manager ” plugin as shown below.

Step 2: Enable the module and click on either “Save and Stay” or “Save” button. Module will be successfully enabled.

C:\Users\Velocity-1601\Desktop\Option SKU manager Screenshots\Screenshot_4.png

How to assign unique SKU to variations

Once you have installed and enabled the module, you can assign unique SKU to each product variations. Follow the steps below to assign unique SKU.

Step 1: Edit any product and click on options tab. Enter unique SKU for each variations and save the product.

C:\Users\Velocity-1601\Desktop\Option SKU manager Screenshots\Screenshot_5.png


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